Wednesday, 25 July 2012

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The 100 Best Twitter Tools For Teachers (2012 Edition), Can Technology Fix Education?, PLN Starter for ElementaryTeachers, Non-gamers, heres why you should care aboutgames, Free Technology for Teachers: Use the YouTube Upload Widget to Collect Videos from Students
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The 100 Best Twitter Tools For Teachers (2012 Edition)  ❘   Shared by Gerhard Bless, Anne Whaits and 4 others
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Gerhard Bless Anne Whaits kevintame Krystina Valdes Vijay Krishnan Jon Smith
Can Technology Fix Education?  ❘   Shared by Alan Pronger, Karen Ritter and 1 other
Of all the areas of the economy that technology can shake, education seems the most ready because many students aren't getting the attention they deserve. At a panel at Fortune Brainstorm Tech last week, there were a lot of different opinions on...
Alan Pronger Karen Ritter StudySync
PLN Starter for Elementary Teachers  ❘   Shared by Maggie Mulrine and Edcamp Ottawa
Our school is one of the schools who received an Innovative Learning Designs Grant for this coming year.  This is Phase 2 of the District project.  You can learn a little about the Innovative Learning Design Project here . To help our teachers...
Maggie Mulrine Edcamp Ottawa
Non-gamers, here’s why you should care about games  ❘   Shared by Krystina Valdes and Catherine Flippen
The immediate thought prompted by this talk of "vivid simulation of reality," and being able to "give readers an experience unavailable off the page," was that video games do this too. In fact, they could provide a more richly interactive experience...
Krystina Valdes Catherine Flippen
Free Technology for Teachers: Use the YouTube Upload Widget to Collect Videos from Students  ❘   Shared by Karen McMillan and Scott McLeod
Karen McMillan Scott McLeod
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