Sunday, 1 July 2012

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Teachers Guide on The Use of iPad in education, Survey on Teachers who use Twitter, 20 Great Ways Libraries Are Using Pinterest, 15 Ways To Become A Better Self-Learner, Not Another "Why I Left the Classroom" Story
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Teachers Guide on The Use of iPad in education  ❘   Shared by BCPS Learn Resources, Lynne Oakvik and 3 others
BCPS Learn Resources Lynne Oakvik Tom Whitby Richard Prowse Pete Smith
Survey on Teachers who use Twitter  ❘   Shared by Andy Knill, Linda Yollis and 2 others
Andy Knill Linda Yollis R. Turner Vijay Krishnan
20 Great Ways Libraries Are Using Pinterest  ❘   Shared by Mickie Hayes, Alec Couros and 2 others
Pinterest is taking the social media world by storm, and it isn't just popular with individual users. Businesses, nonprofits, and even libraries are sharing ideas and information through the site as well, connecting with people from around the...
Mickie Hayes  Alec Couros Steve Wheeler Sidneyeve Matrix
15 Ways To Become A Better Self-Learner  ❘   Shared by Edudemic, Buket Ertenu ;) and 1 other
The following is from our content partners at Online Universities For many curious folks, their impassioned yearning to soak up as much of the world's wonders as possible completely transcends the boundaries of a traditional classroom. Armed with...
Edudemic Buket Ertenu ;) Valeriy Davydov
Not Another "Why I Left the Classroom" Story  ❘   Shared by Ed Logiudice, Jaime Vandergrift and 1 other
There's no shortage of blogs on why teachers are leaving the classroom. They're leaving because they're sick of the test-driven instruction and learning . They're leaving because everyone underestimates the complexity and the workload of classroom...
Ed Logiudice Jaime Vandergrift Michael Graffin
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