Monday, 30 July 2012

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10 things parents shouldunlearn, Personalization and Responsibility, 25 Ways Teachers Can Integrate Social Media Into Education, Slackers, Lions, andLeadership, Mississippi church bans African American wedding after complaints, Learning with 'e's: Education funnels and webs of learning, Story Museum, LinkedIn, a New Territory for Communications, Learning with 'e's: Teacher or educator?, One million Apple iPads sold to schools in third quarter
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10 things parents should unlearn…  ❘   Shared by Hugh McDonald, Peter Jory and 8 others
"We need to educate the parents." I've heard that statement three times in the past week alone. Once was while discussing the purpose of student portfolios . The second was in the context of making our PYP exhibition more student led, focusing more...
Hugh McDonald Peter Jory Kelly Dumont USFCA_SOE George Couros Pam Thompson Erin Klein Verena Roberts Jeff Delp +1
Personalization and Responsibility  ❘   Shared by Tom Whitford, George Couros and 1 other
George Siemens wrote the Duplication theory of educational value about higher education, but I am going to share a quote from this with a couple adaptations for K-12 public education: "Let me posit a duplication theory of education value: if...
Tom Whitford George Couros David Truss
25 Ways Teachers Can Integrate Social Media Into Education  ❘   Shared by Jeff Walrich, Cathie Howe and 1 other
Some teachers embrace technology and social media. Others lurk. Many ignore. So what does the average teacher do if they're somewhere in the middle? Why, use the handy infographic from Online Colleges of course! Below you'll see a guide to who is...
Jeff Walrich Cathie Howe Melanie Wiscount
Slackers, Lions, and Leadership  ❘   Shared by Deb Mills-Scofield and Lolly Daskal
Talking without action is meaningless babble. Successful leaders connect with doers. "Do" your way out of problems, challenges, and adversity. Talking helps but only when it focuses on effective, efficient action. An ancient proverb: "The slacker...
Deb Mills-Scofield Lolly Daskal
Mississippi church bans African American wedding after complaints  ❘   Shared by Rob Anthony and Pernille Ripp
In a glimpse of old prejudices, First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs suddenly closes doors to black couple's wedding
Rob Anthony Pernille Ripp
Learning with 'e's: Education funnels and webs of learning  ❘   Shared by Simfin and Steve Wheeler
 Simfin Steve Wheeler
Story Museum  ❘   Shared by Clive Elsmore and Vicky Loras
Victorian genius or pure humbug? 28 June - 16 September The fabulous story of Barnabas Rochester's only surviving story manufacturing machine. Victorian inventor Barnabas Rochester had an interest in stories but little talent for writing them –...
Clive Elsmore Vicky Loras
LinkedIn, a New Territory for Communications  ❘   Shared by Daniel Zeevi and DASHBURST
STRUCTURE YOUR ECOSYSTEM R TY GR PA O D T Y G RO UP THIR AR U 01 P P0 TH I RD 1 TARY GR IE O R UP PROP 01 The Company Space The Company space is the center of your LinkedIn ecosystem. It should enhance S AND SER the visibility of the company's CT U...
Daniel Zeevi DASHBURST
Learning with 'e's: Teacher or educator?  ❘   Shared by Eric Sheninger and Steve Wheeler
Eric Sheninger Steve Wheeler
One million Apple iPads sold to schools in third quarter  ❘   Shared by Chris Christensen and Daniel Edwards
News In its the third quarter earnings call this week Apple revealed that twice as many iPads as Macs were sold for educational purposes. CFO Peter Oppenheimer said: "The iPad continues to be a great success in the US education market. Even though,...
Chris Christensen Daniel Edwards
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