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Martin Burrett
shared by Martin Burrett 18 Jul 12 05:32:58 - Comment - Like
  • Martin Burrett
    Martin Burrett 18 Jul 12 05:32:59
    An amazing set of resources to explore the world's oceans in a 3D virtual environment. Swim with killer whales or drift along and watch sea turtles cruise by. You can even complete missions, including exploring the deepest place in the oceans.
Martin Burrett
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Kelly Smith
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  • Kelly Smith
    Kelly Smith 18 Jul 12 04:19:07
    5 favorite teacher tools on YouTube.
Kelly Smith
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  • Kelly Smith
    Kelly Smith 18 Jul 12 04:17:30
    How Teens View Their Digital LIves Social Media-Social Life
Roland Gesthuizen
shared by Roland Gesthuizen 18 Jul 12 01:08:53 - Comment - Like
  • Control, whether by threats or bribes, amounts to doing things to children rather than working with them. This ultimately frays relationships
  • The alternative to bribes and threats is to work toward creating a caring community whose members solve problems collaboratively and decide together how they want their classroom to be
  • grades in particular have been found to have a detrimental effect on creative thinking, long-term retention, interest in learning, and preference for challenging tasks
  • good values have to be grown from the inside out. Attempts to short-circuit this process by dangling rewards in front of children are at best ineffective, and at worst counterproductive
  • Children are likely to become enthusiastic, lifelong learners as a result of being provided with an engaging curriculum; a safe, caring community in which to discover and create; and a significant degree of choice about what (and how and why) they are learning
  • Unfortunately, carrots turn out to be no more effective than sticks at helping children to become caring, responsible people or lifelong, self-directed learners
  • Roland Gesthuizen
    Roland Gesthuizen 18 Jul 12 01:08:53
    "Many educators are acutely aware that punishment and threats are counterproductive. Making children suffer in order to alter their future behavior can often elicit temporary compliance, but this strategy is unlikely to help children become ethical, compassionate decision makers. Punishment, even if referred to euphemistically as "consequences," tends to generate anger, defiance, and a desire for revenge. Moreover, it models the use of power rather than reason and ruptures the important relationship between adult and child."
Debra Why
shared by Debra Why 18 Jul 12 12:12:36 - Comment - Like
  • This was the wrong approach: To truly change how my classroom worked, I needed a technology-based redefinition of my practice.
  • Break down to rebuild.
  • By setting aside my pre-conceived notions of how my classroom "should" look, sound, and feel, I was able to transform my practice from the ground up.
  • I also asked myself the question: "What can I do with these devices that would be impossible to do without them?" In other words, I was hoping to create new teaching methods rather than just replacing old ones.
  • I redesigned my classroom practice around the goals, with iPads as the infrastructure.
  • Redefine with a goal in mind
  • Get more app for your money.
  • student-creation apps
  • Embrace failure
  • By creating a safe, open environment and by being clear that this endeavor is as foreign to you as it is to them, you encourage risk taking—and greater achievements.
  • Enjoy the results, reflect towards the future. A
  • I saw students become active agents in their own learning—because they now had choices about the methods that worked best for them. Kids who'd professed to hate school were now eager to engage in the classroom. One student wrote in her daily reflection, "[iPads] make me want to come to school every day because I know that Ms. Magiera has a lesson just for me."
  • Debra Why
    Debra Why 18 Jul 12 12:12:36
    Info on how to rethink how to use iPads to the best utilization
Roland Gesthuizen
shared by Roland Gesthuizen 17 Jul 12 11:38:55 - Comment - Like
  • Roland Gesthuizen
    Roland Gesthuizen 17 Jul 12 11:38:56
    "What do you believe is needed to change in Education? Powerful Learning Practice believes in the power of educators and challenges you to re-envision what you do in your school and classroom this upcoming year."
Debra Why
shared by Debra Why 17 Jul 12 10:12:21 - Comment - Like
  • Debra Why
    Debra Why 17 Jul 12 10:12:21
    A teacher rethinks how to teach math with the use of iPads 
Jeremy Inscho
shared by Jeremy Inscho 17 Jul 12 06:54:28 - Comment - Like
  • Jeremy Inscho
    Jeremy Inscho 17 Jul 12 06:54:28
    Wiki for educators implementing restorative practices in their classrooms
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