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Martin Burrett
shared by Martin Burrett 19 Jul 12 05:50:25 - Comment - Like
  • Martin Burrett
    Martin Burrett 19 Jul 12 05:50:25
    This flash site provides a simple way to make line graphs. Just enter the title, labels and axis increments and then pull the line into place. Use the print screen to make a copy to print or share.
Anthony Hill
shared by Anthony Hill 19 Jul 12 04:26:19 - Comment - Like
  • Anthony Hill
    Anthony Hill 19 Jul 12 04:26:19
    Set of video tutorials explaining some off beat tricks with Word that give value added features to viewing the document on a PC. Pop Up Boxes, embedding video inside the Word document (plays in the page), etc.
paul tomizawa
shared by paul tomizawa 19 Jul 12 03:45:52 - Comment - Like
  • Recording Prompts 

    For each prompt line, please record your speech as follows:

    1. click the Record button,
    2. pause for half a second,
    3. Read the corresponding prompt sentence,
    4. pause for half a second, and then
    5. click the the Stop button.

    If you make a mistake, click Record again to re-record your prompt.

    Please do not read the punctuation marks out loud.

    Once you have completed recording all ten prompts the Upload button will activate.  Click the Upload button to upload your entire submission to the VoxForge repository as a single zip file.

    Repeat the process (multiple submissions are encouraged!)  

Siri Anderson
shared by Siri Anderson 19 Jul 12 12:36:03 - Comment - Like
  • Siri Anderson
    Siri Anderson 19 Jul 12 12:36:03
    Graduate student's blog reviewing articles on distance education, online learning, and tech trends in P-20 education.
Mr. Eason
shared by Mr. Eason 19 Jul 12 12:06:58 - Comment - Like
  • children from low-income families spend more time handling technology -- across platforms -- than their wealthier counterparts, and across class, kids mainly use their "handling skills" for entertainment. They play games, watch videos, and visit social networking sites.
  • there's scant evidence that anyone but the companies who make, sell, and advertise on these new technologies benefit from the time young children spend with them, there's plenty of reason to be worried about it.
  • studies showing that the bells and whistles of electronic books actually detract from reading comprehension.
  • I'm worried that screen-based reading, with omnipresent hyperlinks, interferes with comprehension and memory, and that heavy Internet use appears to encourage distractedness and discourage deep thinking, empathy, and emotion.
  • fast-paced video games trigger dopamine squirts in our brains -- kind of like cocaine.
  • here's what worries me most: We're turning to the companies that profit from these technologies to help parents manage their kids' relationship with screens. While it's great that the Federal Communications Commission is launching a campaign to promote digital literacy, the fact that companies like Best Buy and Microsoft are funding it make it unlikely that weaning kids from their products will be a priority.
  • the skills they will always need to thrive -- deep thinking, the ability to differentiate fact from hype, creativity, self-regulation, empathy, and self-reflection -- aren't learned in front of screens. They are learned through face-to-face communication, hands-on exploration of the world, opportunities for thoughtful reflection, and dreams.
Roland Gesthuizen
shared by Roland Gesthuizen 18 Jul 12 11:15:50 - Comment - Like
  • Roland Gesthuizen
    Roland Gesthuizen 18 Jul 12 11:15:50
    "If you are tardy you must sign this form or you will be marked absent. If you have a note, please attach it to this clipboard."
Roland Gesthuizen
shared by Roland Gesthuizen 18 Jul 12 09:46:30 - Comment - Like
  • "The Nerd in the Classroom: Sci-fi as an Educational Tool"
  • Roland Gesthuizen
    Roland Gesthuizen 18 Jul 12 09:46:30
    "if we want students to improve their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills— and truly fall in love with literature—we need to bring a genre that makes adults want to dress up as their favorite superhero into the classroom."
Roland Gesthuizen
shared by Roland Gesthuizen 18 Jul 12 09:40:07 - Comment - Like
  • When students are prepped and prepped and prepped to pass the state tests, they aren't necessarily better educated, just prepared to take a specific test. Too much prepping distorts the value of the test.

  • aren't
  • Roland Gesthuizen
    Roland Gesthuizen 18 Jul 12 09:40:07
    "An important new study  by Professors Adam Maltese of Indiana University and Craig Hochbein of the University of Louisville sheds new light on the validity of state scores. This study found that rising scores on the state tests did not correlate with improved performance on the ACT. In fact, students at "declining" schools did just as well and sometimes better than students where the scores were going up."
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