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Kathy Allen
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    • Kathy Allen
      Kathy Allen 20 Jul 12 02:35:13
      AP requires milligram balances
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  • n his book Finnish Lessons: What Can the World Learn From Educational Change in Finland?
  • Pasi Sahlberg i
  • "The central aim of Finnish education is the development of each child as a thinking, active, creative person, not the attainment of higher test scores, and the primary strategy of Finnish education is cooperation, not competition."
  • Standardized testing rewards the ability to find the "correct answer" and thus discourages creativity, which is about asking questions and challenging the status quo.
Martha Hickson
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  • Martha Hickson
    Martha Hickson 19 Jul 12 11:19:30
    share files with large audiences on the web.  You simply drag the file you want to share to the web browser page of Just Beam It and then within seconds it will generate a unique URL that you can email or share with whoever you wish that will take you directly to your file.
Scott Floyd
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  • clconzen
    clconzen 19 Jul 12 07:24:16
    PlagTracker: A Fast And Easy Way To Run Plagiarism Checks On Your Academic Papers #edtech
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