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Andrew Sams
shared by Andrew Sams 21 Jul 12 04:38:04 - Comment - Like
  • Andrew Sams
    Andrew Sams 21 Jul 12 04:38:05
    Series of digital-age citizenship videos produced by Google on Youtube.
Elizabeth Pierce-Fortin
shared by Elizabeth Pierce-Fortin 21 Jul 12 01:25:51 - Comment - Like
  • Elizabeth Pierce-Fortin
    Elizabeth Pierce-Fortin 21 Jul 12 01:25:51
    Here you'll find detailed descriptions of the activities of the Mobility and Robotic Systems Section, as well as related robotics efforts around the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. We are approximately 100 engineers working on all aspects of robotics for space exploration and related terrestrial applications.
Erik Stafford
shared by Erik Stafford 20 Jul 12 05:34:59 - Comment - Like
  • A Web-browser-based tutoring platform called ASSISTments. Developed at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, ASSISTments, as its name suggests, performs tasks that extend the teacher's reach in and beyond the classroom. As it generates sets of practice math problems geared to a range of skills, ASSISTments provides hints to students when they cannot answer problems correctly and then furnishes teachers with updated assessments of each student's progress, as well as aggregated data on the entire class's performance. The system prompts students to describe the logic they employed in answering specific problems, and teachers can communicate weekly or even daily with parents about their children's work.
Erik Stafford
shared by Erik Stafford 20 Jul 12 05:18:04 - Comment - Like
  • And according to Ganis there are good reasons to think tablets will work better for younger children than PCs or laptops.
Michele Brown
shared by Michele Brown 20 Jul 12 02:06:47 - Comment - Like
  • Michele Brown
    Michele Brown 20 Jul 12 02:06:47
    Transform static content into a voice-enriched video presentations. another great resource I discovered at Podstock 2012
Mark Gleeson
shared by Mark Gleeson 20 Jul 12 12:44:22 - Comment - Like
  • Mark Gleeson
    Mark Gleeson 20 Jul 12 12:44:22
    Go beyond what Safari does on the iPad and get closer to the Desktop experience with these alternative iPad browsers
shared by C CC 20 Jul 12 10:00:35 - Comment - Like
  • C CC
    C CC 20 Jul 12 10:00:35
    "The gender gap between boys and girls reading is extremely worrying. Boys with poor reading skills will struggle to succeed at school and throughout life."

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