Monday, 23 July 2012

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Matt Jorgensen
thinkdrive,itc,Bloom's,taxonomy ITC has released ThinkDrive, a digital version of their very popular Bloom's based thinking strategies. If you would like a free version with a view to purchasing for your school, please email matt...
started by Matt Jorgensen 23 Jul 12 05:25:53 - Comment - Like
Karina Paco
shared by Karina Paco 23 Jul 12 02:43:40 - Comment - Like
Roland Gesthuizen
shared by Roland Gesthuizen 22 Jul 12 10:24:43 - Comment - Like
  • Roland Gesthuizen
    Roland Gesthuizen 22 Jul 12 10:24:44
    "The district currently has 1,600 iPads deployed to all 9th and 10th graders at Minnetonka High School.  I'll have my notes from the visit posted in the next day or so, but for now, here's my favorite quotes from the visit…"
suzanne foxworth
Galaxy,tab,education,word,cloud I use Galaxy Tabs in class and it is frustrating when nearly all apps are for apple. It is also frustrating when websites do not work from the internet connection on either device. (Yes, I have bo...
started by suzanne foxworth 22 Jul 12 07:58:58 - Comment - Like
Kate B. Pok-Carabalona
shared by Kate B. Pok-Carabalona 22 Jul 12 04:32:59 - Comment - Like
Trevor Cunningham
shared by Trevor Cunningham 22 Jul 12 01:14:42 - Comment - Like
  • Trevor Cunningham
    Trevor Cunningham 22 Jul 12 01:14:42
    Make a choose your own adventure book out of a GoogleForm
Mark Gleeson
shared by Mark Gleeson 22 Jul 12 12:53:23 - Comment - Like
  • Mark Gleeson
    Mark Gleeson 22 Jul 12 12:53:23
    Let's work out what is really beneficial before we invent yey another buzzword/tech idea
Jeff Jackson
shared by Jeff Jackson 22 Jul 12 09:19:40 - Comment - Like
  • Jeff Jackson
    Jeff Jackson 22 Jul 12 09:19:42
    Am investigating some online Philosophy sites.

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