Monday, 30 July 2012

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Enid Baines
shared by Enid Baines 30 Jul 12 02:44:08 - Comment - Like
Janet McDonald
shared by Janet McDonald 30 Jul 12 01:25:59 - Comment - Like
  • Janet McDonald
    Janet McDonald 30 Jul 12 01:25:59
    This free app is GREAT! I've used it for a week and it has blocked almost 3000 sites from tracking me on the web.
Josephine Dorado
shared by Josephine Dorado 29 Jul 12 04:25:44 - Comment - Like
  • Josephine Dorado
    Josephine Dorado 29 Jul 12 04:25:45
    The award winning series, Time Travelers, is an animated adventure series about the future. The series showcases future careers in science such as geoengineering for alternative energy, nanobiolology and neuroscience for learning and health care.
Susan Harari
shared by Susan Harari 29 Jul 12 12:46:26 - Comment - Like
  • Susan Harari
    Susan Harari 29 Jul 12 12:46:27
    Several Nebraska educators and a school librarian review iPad apps for education. Everything is laid out in an easy-to-read grid format, with different pages for various subjects.
Andrew Williamson
shared by Andrew Williamson 29 Jul 12 11:17:38 - Comment - Like
  • Andrew Williamson
    Andrew Williamson 29 Jul 12 11:17:38
    On June 21 2012, the Government released a discussion paper which states its vision for the improvement of the teaching profession. The 'New Directions for School Leadership and the Teaching Profession,' aims to stimulate and inform discussion on the future of the teaching profession and school leadership.  As a collective of grass roots teachers, who are not currently being asked to participate in educational debates and discussion, we see this as an opportunity to enable teachers' voice.   Teachers: A great, yet untapped, source for policy makers.

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