Monday, 2 July 2012

David Hollingshead, Kyle Pace and others share top stories Daily Briefing
Survey on Teachers who use Twitter, Educational Origami, Boys' reading 'must be tackled', That.Just.Happened., Lessons From Ireland: Rebel with an EducationalCause
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Survey on Teachers who use Twitter  ❘   Shared by David Hollingshead, Sam Fancera and 7 others
David Hollingshead Sam Fancera Don Goble Karen Bolotin Lisa Warner Katrina Clark Andy Knill Linda Yollis R. Turner
Educational Origami  ❘   Shared by Isabella Osswald, Steve Hayes and 5 others
My Colleague Lee Crockett made a comment the other day about BYOD, Bring your own device and Digital Citizenship. He said that the heart of any BYOD program is digital citizenship. And he's right. As soon as a school starts allowing students to...
Isabella Osswald Steve Hayes Eric Sheninger Andrew Spinali Josie Fraser Doug Peterson Scott Newcomb
Boys' reading 'must be tackled'  ❘   Shared by UK Education Matters, Larry Ferlazzo and 2 others
The reading gap between boys and girls in England is widening but there is no official strategy to address it, a report says. The All-Party Parliamentary Literacy Group Commission says some boys find reading "nerdish" and receive less parental...
UK Education Matters Larry Ferlazzo BBC Education Prakash Yadav
That.Just.Happened.  ❘   Shared by Kyle Pace, pam_thompson and 1 other
July 2, 2012 by Summer Howarth        And I wonder…if everything could ever feel this real forever, if anything could ever be this good again …- Foo Fighters, Everlong. I'm sitting here with a perfectly smooth and shaped stone in my hand. It's...
Kyle Pace pam_thompson Summer Howarth
Lessons From Ireland: Rebel with an Educational Cause  ❘   Shared by Chad Sansing, Catherine Cronin and 1 other
Evelyn O'Connor, Ireland's recently honored 2012 Secondary Teacher of the Year , says one of her own high school teachers once told her that it's okay to be a rebel. Now, Ms. O'Connor, rebel with an educational cause, speaks out against the tyranny...
Chad Sansing Catherine Cronin Mary Loftus
Morning Report
Today's headlines from our Editor
Iran To Test Missiles As Oil Embargo Begins
Iran announced on Sunday that it will test-fire missiles at 100 designated targets during war games being held this week. In a bit of symbolic timing, the tests were announced just as a European embargo on Iranian oil took effect. The embargo is designed to exert pressure on Iran and force it to abandon its nuclear program.
European Markets Brace For Bad News
Eurostat is expected to release some ugly unemployment data for the euro zone members on Monday. Economists expect that the jobless rate will rise above the current 11% to near-record levels.
Tensions Rise Between Turkey And Syria
The Turkish military scrambled jets three separate times on Saturday as Syrian helicopters operated too close to the border for comfort. Tensions have been high between the two countries since Syria downed a Turkish fighter jet just over a week ago. In a statement last week, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned that he would take action against any military approach towards his nation's borders.
Photo of the Day: Members of the Spanish national team celebrate their 4-0 victory over Italy in the Euro Cup finals on Sunday. The team has won three straight world titles. Credit: imago sportfotodienst/Newscom
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