Monday, 16 July 2012

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6 Free Presentation Apps for your iPad, An iPad Lovers Take On The Nexus7, The 10 Most Important Educational YouTube Channels for Teachers, Five-Minute Film Festival: Flipped Classrooms, It's Time to Disrupt the System
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6 Free Presentation Apps for your iPad  ❘   Shared by Derek James Richards, Darin Johnston and 1 other
Derek James Richards Darin Johnston Emilia Carrillo
An iPad Lover’s Take On The Nexus 7  ❘   Shared by LearningForYou and Jennifer Miller
Trolls, feel free to skip to the bottom of this column and post your comments immediately without reading a word. Actually, who are we kidding — you didn't make it this far. Everyone else, brace yourselves. You may want small children to leave the...
LearningForYou Jennifer Miller
The 10 Most Important Educational YouTube Channels for Teachers  ❘   Shared by PLANE and Wesley Fryer, Ph.D.
PLANE Wesley Fryer, Ph.D.
Five-Minute Film Festival: Flipped Classrooms  ❘   Shared by Alex Dunn and Jeff Livingston
Amy Erin Borovoy is Edutopia's digital media curator, and she has a passion for content at the intersection of online video, new technologies, and education. Follow her on Twitter @VideoAmy or subscribe to her YouTube channel for more videos for...
Alex Dunn Jeff Livingston
It's Time to Disrupt the System  ❘   Shared by Mr. Croghan and Chris Christensen
July 12, 2012 - by Alison Anderson For as long as I have been involved in education, the focus for finding the key to fixing education has always been about providing professional development for the teachers and administrators. The philosophy is...
Mr. Croghan Chris Christensen
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Fighting Reported In Damascus
Activists report that opposition fighters are engaging with government forces in several neighborhoods in the Syrian capital of Damascus on Monday morning. Although violence has been widespread in the rest of the country, Damascus has been largely peaceful so far in the Syrian revolt, due to the tight grip President Bashar al-Assad's forces keep on the city.
Romney Struggles To Explain Bain Exit
Mitt Romney has been struggling to explain the timing of his exit from Bain Capital the last few days, as Democrats decry his assertion that he left the firm in 1999. Although no evidence exists that Romney was involved in running the firm after this time, his name or signature appears on dozens of SEC documents filed between his claimed retirement date and August 2001. Under pressure, Romney advisor Ed Gillespie told CNN on Sunday that the candidate "retired retroactively" from Bain at that time.
Dozens Dead After Floods Ravage Japan
Over a year's worth of rain fell on some areas of Japan over the weekend, causing devastating flooding and displacing over 250,000 people from their homes. At least 26 people died as a result of the disaster, and rescuers are searching for at least six missing people. Authorities warn that although the worst is over, there is more rain forecast and further flooding or landslides may occur.
Photo of the Day: Residents commiserate with each after torrential rain flooded neighborhoods in Yanagawa, Japan on July 14th. Credit: Kyodo/Newscom
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