Saturday, 14 July 2012

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The 60-Second Guide To Texting In The Classroom, Top 10 Video Apps for Teachers, Is the Cell Phone the New Pencil?, iLearn Technology Blog Archive Gooru: Fantastic new education search engine, It's Time to Disrupt the System
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The 60-Second Guide To Texting In The Classroom  ❘   Shared by Mercedes Kamijo, Carlene Oleksyn and 9 others
Teachers of the 21st century are no longer just intercepting notes as they circulate the classroom. What used to manifest as a simple distraction on a slip of paper has evolved into a tiny symphony of beeps, ring tones and vibrating phones. As...
Mercedes Kamijo Carlene Oleksyn NetSupport We Inspire Futures Steven Isaacs Derek James Richards Michael S. Mills Scott Newcomb LearningForYou +2
Top 10 Video Apps for Teachers  ❘   Shared by Two Teacherz, Chris Stogdill and 4 others
Find out the top 10 video apps that all teachers will love, straight from our Digital Media in the Classroom blog. I had a life changing experience about 6 months ago. No, not one that will live in infamy. And no, not one that is really a big deal...
Two Teacherz Chris Stogdill Jukka Manninen Lisa Belfield Derek James Richards Jaime Vandergrift
Is the Cell Phone the New Pencil?  ❘   Shared by Don Goble, Scott Newcomb and 2 others
Jeff Grabill ( @grabill on Twitter) is a Professor of Rhetoric and Professional Writing and Chair of the Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures Department at Michigan State University. He's also a senior researcher with WIDE Research and co-founder...
Don Goble Scott Newcomb Isabella Osswald Derek James Richards
iLearn Technology » Blog Archive » Gooru: Fantastic new education search engine  ❘   Shared by Philip Cummings, Bill Carozza and 2 others
Featured Post The Eco Zoo What it is: The Eco Zoo is an impressive 3d environment where students can meet different "animals" that will give them some ideas about taking care of the environment.  Each of the critters has a virtual pop-up book that...
Philip Cummings Bill Carozza Shayne Swift Jaime Vandergrift
It's Time to Disrupt the System  ❘   Shared by Vince Leung and pam_thompson
July 12, 2012 - by Alison Anderson For as long as I have been involved in education, the focus for finding the key to fixing education has always been about providing professional development for the teachers and administrators. The philosophy is...
Vince Leung pam_thompson
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