Thursday, 19 July 2012

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Wireless Learning: How Mobile Technology is Transforming Classrooms and Empowering Young Women in Jordan, Bill Gates: Why 'game-based learning' is the future of education, Welcome to Google Docs, Google+ Debuts With ACSI Consumer Satisfaction Score Well Above Facebook's, The National Science + Engineering Competition
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Wireless Learning: How Mobile Technology is Transforming Classrooms and Empowering Young Women in Jordan  ❘   Shared by Scott Newcomb, Derek James Richards and 1 other
Technology in classrooms often seems like an add-on, an extra luxury for developed education systems. But, as Edith Saldivar explains in today's Digital Diversity, IT can help students all over the world learn in entirely new ways. The company Edith...
Scott Newcomb Derek James Richards A.J. Ripin
Bill Gates: Why 'game-based learning' is the future of education  ❘   Shared by Jukka Manninen, Derek James Richards and 1 other
Bill Gates: Why 'game-based learning' is the future of education From wire service reports Read more by staff and wire services reports In Bill Gates' vision of the classrooms of the future, students are grouped according to skill set. One cluster...
Jukka Manninen Derek James Richards ISTE SIGVE
Welcome to Google Docs  ❘   Shared by MentorMob and Erin Klein
You are currently viewing Google Docs in basic HTML. Switch to a supported browser to edit and share Google Docs in real time.
MentorMob Erin Klein
Google+ Debuts With ACSI Consumer Satisfaction Score Well Above Facebook's  ❘   Shared by Sidneyeve Matrix and Irma Vermaat
Jul 17, 2012 at 12:01am ET by Danny Sullivan The annual American Customer Satisfaction Index is out for social media sites, measuring satisfaction with Google+ for the first time against other social networks. What a debut! Google's year-old social...
Sidneyeve Matrix Irma Vermaat
The National Science + Engineering Competition  ❘   Shared by TeacherToolkit and tes Science
Online Entry Online Entry opens on Monday 16th July 2012 and closes on 31st October 2012. Entry through Regional Heats Entry through the Regional Heats has now closed. To find which projects were selected to attend the National Finals at The Big...
TeacherToolkit tes Science
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Suicide Bomber Kills Israeli Tourists In Bulgaria
Six Israelis and one Bulgarian were killed when a suicide bomber carrying fake American identification attacked a tour bus outside an airport in Burgas on Wednesday. Israel was quick to blame Hezbollah and Iran for the attack, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised a "forceful response" to the attack. Iran provided no official comment to Israel's accusations, but Iranian state television rejected the accusation.
Britain Charges Five With Terrorism Offenses
Five British citizens are facing charges of terrorism after being arrested by London's Metropolitan Police earlier this month. While few specific details of their crimes have been released, three of those arrested are charged with preparing for acts of terrorism while two others are charged with possessing terrorist documents. No mention of the Olympics has been made.
Enormous Iceberg Breaks Free In Greenland
An iceberg twice the size of Manhattan separated from Greenland's Petermann Glacier on Monday. Measuring 46 square miles, the icy behemoth is twice the size of Manhattan. Two years ago, the same Glacier birthed an iceberg twice that size. The calving of two icebergs of that size is unprecedented in 150 years of scientific data and scientists suspect that global warming is to blame. "This is not part of natural variations anymore," said NASA glaciologist Eric Rignot.
Photo of the Day: Former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones snapped this photo of a powerful storm approaching Manhattan on Wednesday from his seat on a Delta flight. Credit: Dhani Jones/Instagram
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