Friday, 13 July 2012

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The 60-Second Guide To Texting In The Classroom, How I'm Using My iPad in a Classroom of 30 Students, Study: '21st Century Learning' Demands Mix of Abilities, Family Engagement Summer Reading List, Is the Cell Phone the New Pencil?
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The 60-Second Guide To Texting In The Classroom  ❘   Shared by Steven Isaacs, Derek James Richards and 5 others
Teachers of the 21st century are no longer just intercepting notes as they circulate the classroom. What used to manifest as a simple distraction on a slip of paper has evolved into a tiny symphony of beeps, ring tones and vibrating phones. As...
Steven Isaacs Derek James Richards Michael S. Mills Scott Newcomb LearningForYou Karen Bolotin Amy Gibson
How I'm Using My iPad in a Classroom of 30 Students  ❘   Shared by Jaime Vandergrift, John Lustig and 1 other
Finally, Weebly ! Weebly is an iPad app that is connected to, a free website creator. This is the program that I chose to use to create my classroom's website, I looked into other websites that many...
Jaime Vandergrift John Lustig Kyle Pace
Study: '21st Century Learning' Demands Mix of Abilities  ❘   Shared by KenFlott CLT, David Sebek and 1 other
The modern workplace and lifestyle demand that students balance cognitive, personal and interpersonal abilities, but current education policy discussions have not defined those abilities well, according to a special report released this afternoon by...
KenFlott CLT David Sebek Scorebusters
Family Engagement Summer Reading List  ❘   Shared by Steve Constantino and Education Week
Have the children in your family or neighborhood started on their summer reading lists? Have you started on yours? Education Week's K-12 Parents & The Public asked a sampling of parents and parent-engagement experts to weigh in on what they're...
Steve Constantino Education Week
Is the Cell Phone the New Pencil?  ❘   Shared by Derek James Richards and John Lustig
Jeff Grabill ( @grabill on Twitter) is a Professor of Rhetoric and Professional Writing and Chair of the Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures Department at Michigan State University. He's also a senior researcher with WIDE Research and co-founder...
Derek James Richards John Lustig
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200 Dead In Latest Syrian Massacre
Activists reported early on Friday morning that Syrian government troops and a pro-regime militia may have killed upwards of 200 people in a village near the city of Hama. If confirmed, the killings would be the single largest massacre in the history of the 16 months-old Syrian revolt. Members of the UN Security Council are meeting today to discuss imposing further sanctions on the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assasd.
Penn State Faulted In New Report
Former F.B.I. Director Louis Freeh released his report on the Sandusky scandal on Thursday, finding that senior officials at Penn State University had shown a "total and consistent disregard" for the welfare of children by failing to remove Sandusky after he was investigated by the university's police department for molesting two boys on campus in 1998. Indeed, senior officials including head coach Joe Paterno actively worked together to conceal Sandusky's crimes for fear of bad publicity.
Chimps On The Loose In Las Vegas
People were forced to stay indoors in Las Vegas on Thursday afternoon as police searched for two chimpanzees that escaped from a private home in the area. One chimp was successfully tranquilized and captured, but the second was fatally shot after it aggressively approached a group of officers and bystanders.
Photo of the Day: Staff Sgt. Desiree Palacios tests and make final settings on her camera before taxing out to on sortie in a F-16D Fighting Falcon with the 182 Fighter Squadron, Lackland Air Force Base, TX. Credit: U.S. Air Force/Flickr
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