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101 Websites for Science Teachers, Top 10 Twitter Hash Tags To Follow For Education Technology, No Consultant Left Behind, British press fillets Romney, Want Increased Student Achievement Using iPads?, 5 Things Not To Do During an iPad Rollout, How New Orleans Did Not Get Turned Around, Race to Top, Waivers Require Follow-On Commitment, N.Y. Chief Says, 25 Twitter Accounts That Will Make You Smarter, Here's The Opening Ceremony Tribute To Terrorism Victims NBC Doesn't Want You To See
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101 Websites for Science Teachers  ❘   Shared by alicia hunter, Scott Newcomb and 3 others
Boldly go where no science teacher has gone before! Your continuing mission: to discover useful new sites, to integrate them into your lesson plans and to giggle at this corny Star Trek reference. Silliness aside, my love for science grew from...
alicia hunter Scott Newcomb Eric Sheninger Matt Gomez GoEd Online
Top 10 Twitter Hash Tags To Follow For Education Technology  ❘   Shared by Campus Technology and Scott Shaw
Twitter can be a fantastic resource for educators, particularly for those looking to pick up the latest tips and tricks on using technology in education. But it can also be a confusing and overwhelming mass of information, which is difficult to...
Campus Technology Scott Shaw
No Consultant Left Behind  ❘   Shared by Scorebusters and Susan DuFresne1
Over the past decade, since the adoption of No Child Left Behind and the introduction of Race to the Top, I have noticed an interesting phenomenon: a proliferation of businesses that "consult" with schools, school districts, and states. It started...
Scorebusters Susan DuFresne1
British press fillets Romney  ❘   Shared by Carlos Daniel and Janet Lyon
The British press is having a field day with comments made Thursday by Mitt Romney about London's preparations for the 2012 Olympics. Quick with Olympic metaphors, a Guardian piece titled, "Mitt falls at the first hurdle," wrote: "Romney frantically...
Carlos Daniel Janet Lyon
Want Increased Student Achievement Using iPads?  ❘   Shared by Scott Newcomb and Leslie Esneault
Apple reports that 1.5 million iPads are used in K12. Given that there are approximately 55 million students in K12, the iPad has penetrated K12 faster than any other computing technology. And the tech tsunami doesn't seem to be slowing down. We have...
Scott Newcomb Leslie Esneault
5 Things Not To Do During an iPad Rollout  ❘   Shared by Cristy Vogel and Scott Newcomb
Cristy Vogel Scott Newcomb
How New Orleans Did Not Get Turned Around  ❘   Shared by Susan DuFresne1 and Diane Ravitch
A reader in New Orleans responded to the post about the failure of the school-closing strategy in New York City with the following comments. Despite the constant repetition of the story about the "miracle in New Orleans" by Arne Duncan and the media,...
Susan DuFresne1 Diane Ravitch
Race to Top, Waivers Require Follow-On Commitment, N.Y. Chief Says  ❘   Shared by Andrew Ujifusa and StateEdWatch
The next step for states after Race to the Top and waivers from the No Child Left Behind Act is to ensure that changes dealing with teacher evaluations and school accountability are followed by professional development for teachers and ways that...
Andrew Ujifusa StateEdWatch
25 Twitter Accounts That Will Make You Smarter  ❘   Shared by Shannon Smith and Deb Mills-Scofield
We found 25 individuals and general fact-toting Twitter accounts that will increase your scope of knowledge.
Shannon Smith Deb Mills-Scofield
Here's The Opening Ceremony Tribute To Terrorism Victims NBC Doesn't Want You To See  ❘   Shared by Verena Roberts and Lisa Dabbs
The major transitional element of today's London Olympics opening ceremony was a downtempo performance of adoptive sporting anthem "Abide With Me" by Scottish singer Emeli Sandé. The song and accompanying dance were a tribute to the victims of the...
Verena Roberts Lisa Dabbs
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