Saturday, 7 July 2012

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The Best Google Features You're Probably Not Using, 20 Must-See Facts About The 21st Century Classroom, #ISTE12 and the importance of educator connections, 24/EQ: The Global Emotional Intelligence Conference, Hacking Assessment: Redesigning the NumbersGame
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The Best Google Features You're Probably Not Using  ❘   Shared by Susan M. Bearden, Jennifer Lowton and 4 others
Google is a vast machine with all types of apps, programs, and tools. A lot of these—like Gmail and Google Docs—are clearly useful and beloved by many. But hidden inside Google's network are some awesome, lesser-known gems that can make your life...
Susan M. Bearden Jennifer Lowton Ban Ryan LearningForYou Danielle Hartman Nicholas Provenzano
20 Must-See Facts About The 21st Century Classroom  ❘   Shared by Cristy Vogel, Eric Sheninger and 3 others
The classroom of the future is on your doorstep. We're getting slapped in the face with technology (sorry about that, partially my fault), flipped classroom models , and innovative ideas . So what is the current state of the 21st century classroom?...
Cristy Vogel Eric Sheninger Institute of Play Edudemic Danielle Hartman
#ISTE12 and the importance of educator connections  ❘   Shared by LearningForYou, Kay's Tweets and 1 other
I recently attended a complete immersion of education philosophy, education methods and pedagogy, technology tools for learning and connectedness with education thought leaders from around the world. All of this took place at one of our premier...
LearningForYou Kay's Tweets Adam Bellow
24/EQ: The Global Emotional Intelligence Conference  ❘   Shared by Joan Young and Melanie Greenberg
Join the first ever 24-hour "virtual conference" on emotional intelligence. Why: The learnable, measurable skills of emotional intelligence (EQ) are proven … At work: increase profitability, retain talent, increase sales & customer loyalty At...
Joan Young Melanie Greenberg
Hacking Assessment: Redesigning the Numbers Game  ❘   Shared by Melissa Hudler and Tanya T. Sasser
July 6, 2012 by tsasser In a recent post , I outlined some ideas that I have about integrating principles of game design into the FYC course. As I pointed out, I'm not all-out gung-ho about the idea of the gamification of education. It turns out that...
Melissa Hudler Tanya T. Sasser
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