Sunday, 22 July 2012

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Ron Coselman
shared by Ron Coselman 17 Jul 12 03:23:22 - Comment - Like
  • Ron Coselman
    Ron Coselman 17 Jul 12 03:23:22
    One of the finest Dumaguete resorts can be found at Monarch Sands Beach Resort. The resort lies south of Dumaguete. Snuggled within a quiet, isolated and secluded cove. This magnificent Philippine beach resort, white sand, native-style houses, complemented by the azure and pristine waters of the Sulu sea, is the ideal getaway with its tropical setting - a perfect Philippine beach resort for a perfect vacation.
Judy Robison
shared by Judy Robison 17 Jul 12 12:08:24 - Comment - Like
  • Judy Robison
    Judy Robison 17 Jul 12 12:08:24
    Some thoughts on technology (BYOD) use in the classroom - great discussion starter
Tero Toivanen
shared by Tero Toivanen 15 Jul 12 06:59:57 - Comment - Like
  • Tero Toivanen
    Tero Toivanen 15 Jul 12 06:59:57
    "By being adaptable and accessible, OERs have the potential to solve the global education crisis and contribute to sustainable economic growth - if governments are prepared to act"

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