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How to Turn Your Classroom into an Idea Factory, The Gift of Christopher, Evernote: A 0-to-60 MPH Guide, Whats the Difference Between Games and Gamification?, Karen Cator, Udacity Cancels Free Online Math Course, Citing Low Quality, 44 Higher Education Experts to Follow on Twitter, The Current State Of Mobile Learning In Education, Technology Integration for Math Engagement #5 Technology Integration Tools: iPads, Youre a connected educator, now what?, 26 Internet safety talking points, Connected Educator Month, Back to School Webinar Series! DEN Blog Network, Twitter as a Metacognitive Support Device by Alan Reid : Learning Solutions Magazine, Digital Literacies and Web Literacies: What's the Difference?
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How to Turn Your Classroom into an Idea Factory  ❘   Shared by Margoflower, isteconnects and 5 others
How to Turn Your Classroom into an Idea Factory August 20, 2012 | 7:00 AM | By MindShift By Suzie Boss The following suggestions for turning K-12 classrooms into innovation spaces come from Bringing Innovation to School: Empowering Students to Thrive...
Margoflower isteconnects briankotts Thoughtful Learning Amanda Urbanczyk Hugh McDonald John Robinson
The Gift of Christopher  ❘   Shared by Scorebusters, Kelly Dumont and 4 others
My mom called him Crink. My sister and I called him Chrissy. To most he was simply Chris. He was funny, handsome, strong, driven and talented beyond compare. He was pilot, a wine enthusiast, a boater and made a mean BBQ. And two weeks ago today,...
Scorebusters Kelly Dumont Mark Warren Deven Black Joan Young Angela Maiers
Evernote: A 0-to-60 MPH Guide  ❘   Shared by Chris Stogdill, Irma Vermaat and 2 others
Evernote is many things to many people because it's so powerful. But for the same reason, Evernote's purpose is vague enough that it can be hard to get started using it. First, you have to figure out what it can do for you. Here's a guide to how to...
Chris Stogdill Irma Vermaat Kyle Pace Fabiola
What's the Difference Between Games and Gamification?  ❘   Shared by A.J. Ripin, Robert Drummond and 2 others
ABOUT ARGO The NPR Argo Network is a collection of websites by NPR member stations committed to strengthening local journalism Learn More...
A.J. Ripin Robert Drummond CiscoEDU Tina Barseghian
Karen Cator  ❘   Shared by Stefan Pålsson, and 2 others
Karen Cator is the Director of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education . She has devoted her career to creating the best possible learning environments for this generation of students. Prior to joining the department,...
Stefan Pålsson Tom Whitby Gordon Dahlby
Udacity Cancels Free Online Math Course, Citing Low Quality  ❘   Shared by LearningForYou, Phil Komarny and 1 other
Udacity, a start-up company offering free online courses, last week canceled a course, "Logic and Discrete Mathematics," that was due to begin this summer, saying the lectures and materials it had prepared on the topic did not live up to its quality...
LearningForYou Phil Komarny Lee Skallerup
44 Higher Education Experts to Follow on Twitter  ❘   Shared by Leslie Collings, Danielle Hartman and 1 other
Twitter is easily the best way to stay on top of news on the web. These higher education experts will keep you informed and entertained. To read their blogs, check out these 50 must-read higher education technology blogs .
Leslie Collings Danielle Hartman Mark Smithers
The Current State Of Mobile Learning In Education  ❘   Shared by briankotts, Scott Newcomb and 1 other
How many students are projected to use mobile devices by the year 2016? How many are using devices while learning right now? How much is spent every year on textbooks? We now know the staggering results of these and other questions thanks to a...
briankotts Scott Newcomb Brian C. Bailey
Technology Integration for Math Engagement » #5 – Technology Integration Tools: iPads  ❘   Shared by Danielle Hartman, Jon Smith and 1 other
With the integration of 20 iPads coming to our math class in October, this probably should have been my first "Tuesday's Technology Integration Tools" post . This addition to my classroom set of teaching tools is one of many reason why I started...
Danielle Hartman Jon Smith John Lustig
You're a connected educator, now what?  ❘   Shared by Tom Whitby, Kelly Dumont and 1 other
Congratulations! You have created a Twitter account and followed some great people like @ShellTerrell and @Web20Classroom. You spent a few days lurking and favoriting great resources shared by your slowly growing PLN. Wow, you even participated in...
Tom Whitby Kelly Dumont Jake Steinmetz
26 Internet safety talking points  ❘   Shared by Inspired863, Scott McLeod and 1 other
Why are you penalizing the 95% for the 5%? You don't do this in other areas of discipline at school. Even though you know some students will use their voices or bodies inappropriately in school, you don't ban everyone from speaking or moving. You...
Inspired863 Scott McLeod Tim Brown
Connected Educator Month  ❘   Shared by Asia Society PGL and Jaime Vandergrift
Online communities and learning networks are helping hundreds of thousands of educators learn, reducing isolation and providing "just in time" access to knowledge and opportunities for collaboration. However, many educators are not yet participating...
Asia Society PGL Jaime Vandergrift
Back to School Webinar Series! – DEN Blog Network  ❘   Shared by John Sparks and Discovery Education
The Discovery Education webinar series continues this week, this time focusing on engaging your students with Discovery Education! There will be two sessions, with the first session being held on Wednesday, August 22 at 7 PM EST and the second...
John Sparks Discovery Education
Twitter as a Metacognitive Support Device by Alan Reid : Learning Solutions Magazine  ❘   Shared by JackieGerstein Ed.D. and Hans Mundahl
Integrating social media into academia is not a novel idea. And since you are reading this, chances are you probably have been utilizing some feature of social media in the classroom for years. What is more interesting is asking why academia should...
JackieGerstein Ed.D. Hans Mundahl
Digital Literacies and Web Literacies: What's the Difference?  ❘   Shared by Robert Drummond and Josie Fraser
I'm currently iterating some work around Web Literacies for the Mozilla Foundation (you can see the latest version of my thinking here ). Perhaps the biggest consideration when dealing with so-called 'New' Literacies is distinguishing them from one...
Robert Drummond Josie Fraser
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