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Matthew Henry
shared by Matthew Henry 17 Aug 12 02:35:03 - Comment - Like
  • I'll be blunt here. It's going to be hard for you to be heard as a credible advocate if you don't first lay down the gauntlet. That happens when you own key educational responsibilities and make the demand that if you fulfill these, you expect your claim to your core educational rights to be taken seriously. Simply put, your doing so could change the conversation completely—to one that is more literally and figuratively constructive
  • Knowing your larger purpose enables you to do what comes next.
  • Engagement means literally transforming the way you think and committing yourself to building those skill-sets you don't currently possess.
  • you have to be willing to engage at a high level.
  • Our decisions, models, and innovations should be based, first, on learning.
  • learning-centered, data-rich, high-value pathways to your educational goal
  • not using technology
  • the learning-centered progression, one-on-one mentor model ensures that students and faculty engage on learning data early and often and that both regulate learning and navigate to completion
  • We in higher education should do the work to ensure that your learning is tied to the competencies expected in these career paths.
  • because of the rate of change in industry and society, we are probably preparing you for jobs that don't exist yet and life experiences you can't anticipat
Roland Gesthuizen
shared by Roland Gesthuizen 16 Aug 12 11:47:55 - Comment - Like
  • My teacher brain was focused on the rules, not the meaning.

    The rock needed to represent me, and where I am right now in my life.

    Where am I now?

  • Roland Gesthuizen
    Roland Gesthuizen 16 Aug 12 11:47:55
    "I collect rocks. Not on purpose. I don't go looking for them.  But when I bend to look more closely, inevitably they end up in my pocket, or in my car .. For Unplug'd 2012, I needed a rock that was easy to decorate, fit in the palm of my hand, and somehow represented me."
Roland Gesthuizen
shared by Roland Gesthuizen 16 Aug 12 11:42:23 - Comment - Like
    • Roland Gesthuizen
      Roland Gesthuizen 16 Aug 12 11:42:25
      Delivering quality education is more than about lowering costs. Any teacher that can be entirely replaced by a video or a computer, probably should be.
  • Roland Gesthuizen
    Roland Gesthuizen 16 Aug 12 11:42:23
    "Many media have finally recognized the education bubble and the potential that it may hurt our economy more than the housing bubble. However, two experts in the field of education know this and are trying to change the way we see education – Dr. Raymund Paredes and Salman Khan."
ivan alba
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Brianna Crowley
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  • With so much talking and not much doing many students would tell teachers that this is a sure-fire way to put them to sleep. Missing out on a golden opportunity when students are most receptive to learning.
  • Instead of taking three weeks to go over what they've already learned, start off with something new. Something that will grab their attention and say "Hey, this is going to be a wonderful learning place for the next 10 months. Get ready."
Brianna Crowley
shared by Brianna Crowley 16 Aug 12 04:18:45 - Comment - Like
  • Every day that first week, even in the first meeting, teach something substantive in the curriculum. Make it something that is brand new, not something reviewed from the previous year. Students are hungry for intellectual engagement after a summer off, and they want to think great thoughts and do great works.
  • Mix academics with administrative and Get-to-Know-You activities. It should be about 50-50: half engagement with interesting academics, half focused on forms, announcements, or activities meant to build classroom community. Keep the ratio: students will grow impatient and disillusioned if too much time is spent on get-to-know-you activities. It sounds weird, but most students are not looking for continued summer camp experiences so much as they are seeking confidence and engagement.
  • choose poems related to growing up or modern culture, or read share the lyrics of powerful songs of any generation.
  • Tell students what new opportunities and freedoms they now have instead of just listing rules and the consequences for breaking them.
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    • wnuneville
      wnuneville 16 Aug 12 03:57:47
      Great article to use for Economics
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