Friday, 3 August 2012

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Eric Jensen
shared by Eric Jensen 03 Aug 12 05:56:34 - Comment - Like
  • Eric Jensen
    Eric Jensen 03 Aug 12 05:56:35
    Nice geography quiz using the CIA world factbook.
Debra Gottsleben
shared by Debra Gottsleben 02 Aug 12 11:43:48 - Comment - Like
  • ence.

      I have used almost all lessons in the Expansion/Slavery curriculum section and I absolutely love these lesson. They are easy to use, well planned out, and it gets the students to stay on task and use academic language when discussing the material. The information is easily retained and the students are making more and more connections with material previously covered in class.  

    Rodney Del Rio, Teacher, Delano, CA
  • Debra Gottsleben
    Debra Gottsleben 02 Aug 12 11:43:48
    US history curriculum and lesson plans for STanford univ.
Jonathan Wylie
shared by Jonathan Wylie 02 Aug 12 07:58:56 - Comment - Like
  • Jonathan Wylie
    Jonathan Wylie 02 Aug 12 07:58:56
    Handouts, presentations, posters and more.
BalancEd Tech
shared by BalancEd Tech 02 Aug 12 01:53:30 - Comment - Like
  • Current research indicates that teacher expertise is the most significant school-based influence on student learning.
    • BalancEd Tech
      BalancEd Tech 02 Aug 12 01:56:31
      Expertise in what? Content, pedagogy, technology integration, child psychology, empathizing, formative assessment, ...
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