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Pearson launching degree course, Does More Tech in the Classroom Help Kids Learn?, Response: Several Ways To Get The New Year Off To A Good Start, The connected conundrum for education, 45 Simple Twitter Tips Everyone Should Know About, Strategies to Help Our Kids Return to School, $400 Million Race to Top Contest for Districts Starts Now, Search Results, The Future Of Textbooks Is Free And Its Now Available, Welcome to Google Docs
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Pearson launching degree course  ❘   Shared by  Matt Britland, Norena Martín and 6 others
Pearson, the major international publisher and education firm, is to become a for-profit private higher education provider in the UK. The firm is opening Pearson College, teaching a degree course validated by existing London universities. The...
 Matt Britland Norena Martín border concepts ENG Amy Baker UK Education Matters Mark Smithers Steve Wheeler Andy Mitchell
Does More Tech in the Classroom Help Kids Learn?  ❘   Shared by YOLANDA EGEA, Ohio School Boards and 2 others
Teachers are finding that blending technology into the learning experience offers kids a crucial leg up in the classroom.
YOLANDA EGEA Ohio School Boards ENA Michael S. Mills
Response: Several Ways To Get The New Year Off To A Good Start  ❘   Shared by John Sparks, Larry Ferlazzo and 2 others
(NOTE: This is the first in a three-part series) It's that time again, so last week I asked the first question "kicking-off" this blog's second "season": "What's your best advice on getting the new school year off to a good start?" In addition to...
John Sparks Larry Ferlazzo Jake Steinmetz Derek James Richards
The connected conundrum for education  ❘   Shared by Eric Sheninger, Steven W. Anderson and 2 others
Education Secretary Arne Duncan declared August Connected Educator Month. To the delight of many connected educators, this was a validation for much of their time spent and their many accomplishments achieved through the use of technology in general,...
Eric Sheninger Steven W. Anderson Tom Whitby Leslie Esneault
45 Simple Twitter Tips Everyone Should Know About  ❘   Shared by Константин, Sway Grantham and 1 other
Are you a tweetin' teacher? Do you rely on tweets for your extended PLN ? Whether you use the service or not, there's a whole world of information being shared and you should start taking part. But if you've been too nervous or unsure about HOW to...
Константин Sway Grantham Edudemic
Strategies to Help Our Kids Return to School  ❘   Shared by GameToLearn, Game to Change and 1 other
GameToLearn Game to Change Derek James Richards
$400 Million Race to Top Contest for Districts Starts Now  ❘   Shared by Katrina Stevens and Jessica MacCall
The U.S. Department of Education today is kicking off the $400 million Race to the Top competition for districts after making big changes to the contest rules to assuage school board members and prod more large districts to apply. Federal officials...
Katrina Stevens Jessica MacCall
Search Results  ❘   Shared by Asia Society PGL and Primary Source
Opening Proclamation from University Authorities Prior to an Academic Term
Asia Society PGL Primary Source
The Future Of Textbooks Is Free … And It’s Now Available  ❘   Shared by Michael S. Mills and Amy Brooke Antonio
The world of digital textbooks is more than heating up. It's on fire. Amazon just launched a digital rental option for textbooks . Companies like Chegg are becoming academic hubs that can improve your education experience through more than just...
Michael S. Mills Amy Brooke Antonio
Welcome to Google Docs  ❘   Shared by and Eric Pitt
RT @guster4lovers: @KaelynBullock @DeliaBush I disagree. Failing is part of #flipclass and it's good for Ss to see you don't have all the answers. Dive in! Eric Pitt
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