Friday, 3 August 2012

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Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

100 words of wisdom from 7 Online ELT Teachers
--- i'm a learner-teacher, language geek, outdoorsy kind-of-guy --- U might miss the next tweet... Wanna subscribe by email ? ;-) «I proudly recommend this offer for English-learning web-ap plications.» - · Tweet this story

Five Things to do NOW if You Are Deploying iPads in the Fall
Educator, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Friend August 1 is here, and in Texas that means school starts this month. As we prepare the buildings and new teachers, we are making sure every detail is covered for our next… · Tweet this story

Life of an Educator by Justin Tarte
Helping Educators to grow both professionally & personally by sharing & collaborating. · Tweet this story

Five key roles for 21st-century school librarians
Given the unprecedented quantity of information learners are exposed to, the librarian's role is more important than ever. Librarians help all students gain access to, evaluate, ethically use, create… · Tweet this story

Facebook has 83 million 'fakes'
Facebook estimates that more than 83 million of its 955 million active users may not be real people. · Tweet this story


Bradley Wiggins @bradwiggins 02 Aug
Just to confirm I haven't called for helmets to be made the law as reports suggest
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Mark Skrzypczyk @bassjunkieuk 02 Aug
Calling for compulsory helmets is avoiding the massive elephant in the road. WE NEED SAFER ROADS! #cyclesafe #godutch
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Alan Lord @opensourcerer 02 Aug
CAMERA FOUND on London Underground yesterday after Olympic Tennis at Wimbledon, do you know this family? pleaseRT
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smernicki @smernicki 02 Aug
This is another reason having the Olympics in London is amazing. Venezuelan fencing champ on the tube, with medal.
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Pierre Andersson @Piandersson 02 Aug
@mrosenzvaig @DianeRavitch The Pisa tests proves that Sweden has failed with the liberalisation of the schoolsystem. Company greed, no books
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