Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Re: David Kapuler, LearningForYou, and 38 others have Tweets for you

Nick Chater,
Here's what's happening on Twitter
  Nick Chater

45 Simple Twitter Tips Everyone Should Know About
Are you a tweetin' teacher? Do you rely on tweets for your extended PLN? Whether you use the service or not, there's a whole world of information being shared and you should start taking part. But if you' ve been too… · Tweet this story

Educreations Grabs $2.2M From Accel, NewSchools To Turn Your iPad Into Your Classroom
While it's easy to admire Salman Khan's (of Khan Academy) devotion to teaching and the incredible platform he's created, the truth is he's not a trained educator. What's more, there are millions of… · Tweet this story

Mapping The Future Of Education Technology
Add this massive infographic to the recent discussion of futuristic dorms and what education will look like in 2020--and beyond. Designed by Michell Zappa's Envisioning Technology (which also created that fantastic… · Tweet this story

One (Learning) Culture
I am the Division Principal of Inn ovative Teaching and Learning for Parkland School Division. I believe we need to inspire our kids to follow their passions, while letting them inspire us to do the same. Sometimes… · Tweet this story

Here's a Bucketful of Free Office Themed E-Learning Templates & Media Assets
I get a lot of questions about how to move past the PowerPoint look when building rapid elearning courses. My first suggestion if you're working with PowerPoint is to step away from the original content. Start with a… · Tweet this story


Scott Jordan Harris @ScottFilmCritic 13 Aug
If you only see one photo of people who need to turn around today, make it this one.
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UberFacts @UberFacts 14 Aug
Studies show that men are put off by groups of loud women.
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Chris Newman @Chrissymacc 13 Aug
Alot of people don't understand how 3,000 years of Olympics could have happened. I fear for the future of our race.
Retweeted by Cate Field,  Mark Anderson and 4062 others
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Steve Gerken @saucypickles 13 Aug
Q. How many geeks does it take to ruin a joke? A. You mean nerd, not geek. And not joke, but riddle. Proceed.
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Matthew Goodwin @GoodwinMJ 14 Aug
When one journalist asked Hillary a stupid question....
Retweeted by Gwen Nelson, Helene O'Shea and 954 others
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