Tuesday, 7 August 2012

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Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

One Race, Every Medalist Ever
Usain Bolt's 9.63 set an Olympic record in the 100. So how far ahead of every Olympic medalist is he?
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7 Ways to Educate Yourself Outside the Classroom
Whether you're 8 or 88, you can learn something new on the web.
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ASIDE: 10 Ways Twitter Has Made Better Teachers
Innovative design crosses over all aspects of education. The American Society for Innovation Design in Education, or ASIDE, seeks to infuse curriculum with new approaches to teaching and thinking. Integrating the design…
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Kids can teach each other to code
The orgaiser of the week-long Young Rewired State coding event suggests children should be encouraged to teach each other programming skills.
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What Higher Education Will Look Like In 2020
Higher education is rapidly changing--you don't have to even be paying much attention to see that. Universities have started streaming lectures en masse, schools like Harvard and MIT are teaming up to create content…
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Curiosity Rover @MarsCuriosity 06 Aug
I'm safely on the surface of Mars. GALE CRATER I AM IN YOU!!! #MSL
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#MSL: Touchdown confirmed for @MarsCuriosity
Retweeted by Randy Rodgers, Gary Henderson and 12275 others
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Keith Neville @keithneville 06 Aug
From new Ofsted inspection rules: "Inspectors will not expect teachers to prepare lesson plans for the inspection ..." #Ofsted
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(╯°□°)╯︵ sǝɯɐſ @lhasapso 06 Aug
Remember, Macs can't do real work, they're only for useless artsy stuff like landing on Mars. pic.twitter.com/1JWV5J6D
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Darth Vader @DepressedDarth 06 Aug
RT if you think pod racing should be an Olympic sport.
Retweeted by Toby-Wan Kenobi, Jarret Sharp and 840 others
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