Wednesday, 29 August 2012

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Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

Top 16 Classroom Control and Management Tips
One of the daunting challenges that face up newly fledged teachers ( and sometimes experienced ones too) is classroom management issues. Not every teacher is lucky enough to get the wheel turning smoothly right from the… · Tweet this story

9 Fun Tools To Make Your Own Songs And Audio Recordings
As the movement to get moving continues, look for more students asking for innovative ways to deliver presentations, share their thoughts, or just create. If your students are about to present or share in front of the… · Tweet this story

Friends, Twitter & SM Love
I don't know the full story and have only come into towards the end. It is a tragic story but has a ray of hope in it. Two great friends both wanting to be mums. One has twins and is supporte... · Tweet this story

How to Build an E-Learning Template in 30 Seconds
When building courses, many of you are in the role of instructional designer AND graphic designer. This can be a challenge when you don't have the graphic design skills. An easy way to get around that is to look for… · Tweet this story

So You Want to Be an App Developer? Here's How [INFOGRAPHIC]
So, you want to be an app developer? See how in this infographic. · Tweet this story


Elaine Walton @elainewalton 28 Aug
My last #essexlion tweet, honest
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Steve Cushing @Montberte 28 Aug
WINDOWS stands for Will Install Needless Data On Whole System. #stevec
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Christopher Pappas @cpappas 28 Aug
how #twitter can be used in the #classroom - examples and #tutorials
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Team GB @TeamGB 28 Aug
Retweet to show your support for @ParalympicsGB. One day to go until the @London2012 Paralympic Games. #OurGreatestTeam #GoParalympicsGB
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Emergency Cute Stuff @EmergencyPuppy 28 Aug
If I ran for office, my platform would include generous allotments of nap time on Tuesdays. #PuppyPlatform
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