Sunday, 12 August 2012

Re: Judith Enright, Miss Noor ㋡, and 50 others have Tweets for you

Nick Chater,
Here's what's happening on Twitter
  Nick Chater

School sports move to be unveiled
Competitive team sports will be made compulsory for all primary school children in England, David Cameron is due to say. · Tweet this story

Education Rethink: What Does It Mean to be a Great Teacher? (Ten Ideas)
I know that all tools are technically technology. However, for the purpose of this post, I'm thinking computers, tablets and mobile devices.... I hit a point yesterday where I found myself overwhelmed by the standards… · Tweet this story

Teacher Planner Lite
This app has been designed to replace the paper based planners or diaries used by teachers. Begin by setting up your timetable. Then add lesson notes, homework etc. Ea... · Tweet this story

32 Twitter Hashtags New Grads Should Know About
Social media-savvy degree holders enjoy a lush buffet of options when it comes to finding information about navigating the scary new adulthood graduation dumps them into. Twitter users benefit from soaking up tips and… · Tweet this story

Evernote as an ePortfolio in a 1-to-1 iPad setting
What it is: Collaborize Classroom is an online learning platform developed for classroom discussion and engagement. Collaborize lets students and teacher col laborate in online discussions. It can be used for meaningful… · Tweet this story


 Sean Junkins @sjunkins 11 Aug
Twitter in the Classroom. #Satchat
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Liam @ThisIsLiamM 11 Aug
Mo Farah, "Anything is possible - it's just hard work and grafting". Think that might be going on display in my classroom! :-)
Retweeted by GuardianTeach, Maggie Mulrine and 115 others
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Ian Thorpe @IanThorpe 11 Aug
Ok this is 4 real.i want to see the legacy for myself and jump start things before I leave. From 9am tomorrow I will be at Tooting Bec Lido
Retweeted by Gordon Rae, Alex Blagona and 1232 others
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Chris Labrey @ChrisLabrey 11 Aug
1,000 servers currently running the best #Olympics ever. Every one waiting to be deployed to schools. Don't miss out RT
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John Sutton @HGJohn 11 Aug
Can we kill the myth that primary schools don't do competitive sport? Tories tried to kill it by scrapping Schools Sports Partnerships.
Retweeted by John, George Huthart and 12 others
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