Monday, 27 August 2012

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Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

How One Teaching Practice Ruined Math For Students
MAD MINUTE is a teaching practice widely used in Canada. It includes having long strips of papers with lists of addition, subtraction, multiplication or division facts on it. The goal is to get as many math facts… · Tweet this story

Are Schools Prepared to Let Students BYOD?
Elementary school Principal Peter DeWitt writes about students' social and emotional health, and how educators can help young people find common ground. He can be found at · Tweet this story

'Lion' spotted in an Essex field
Essex Police advise residents to stay indoors after reports of a lion being seen in a field in the St Osyth area. · Tweet this story

7 Great iPad Writing apps
Writing is the backbone skill in literacy learning0 There are actually several free web tools that teachers can use to easily develop and boost their students writing capabilities. Educational Technology and Mobile… · Tweet this story

The Great Interactive Whiteboard Swindle…a 70s themed post!
I was watching a TV series set in the 1970s during the week. My wife and I marveled at the different sets that had been recreated perfectly to reflect the 70s. We openly wondered at how long it must have taken producers… · Tweet this story


Christopher Davies @ChrisDavies1 26 Aug
I heard Wayne Rooney will miss a month with a cut leg. It's a bit like the time that lady hockey player smashed her jaw and missed 4 days.
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Gerard Kelly @teseditor 26 Aug
Ofqual digging itself further into the mire. More pupils taking IGCSEs has nothing whatever to do with shifting grade boundaries mid-year
Retweeted by jackie schneider, daniel harvey and 23 others
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Elizabeth Warren @elizabethforma 26 Aug
92 yrs ago women were granted the right to vote. We've still got more work to do to make sure women are equal. #womensequalityday
Retweeted by Grace O'Keeffe, Mary Underhill and 241 others
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Please don't rid the Primary Curriculum of Drama. It's one of our key routes to great literacy (and everything else) #ukedchat #oopsbook
Retweeted by Jen Devaney , A Teacher and 20 others
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T.K. @TeaKayB 26 Aug
Have you winked at the moon tonight? I have. #winkatthemoon
Retweeted by damoward, A Teacher and 7 others
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