Saturday, 25 August 2012

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Nick Chater,
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50 Interesting Ways To Use Skype In Your Classroom
I' m a so-so fan of Skype. I' ve used it on an infrequent basis and have had more than a few dropped calls. Audio and video alike. However, it's a cheap way to make long distance calls and seems to work better over wi… · Tweet this story

English GCSE Analysis
Yesterday hundreds of thousands of 16 year olds opened an envelope to find out the fruits of the first 11 years of hard work at school. College courses, apprenticeships, jobs and more rested on the... · Tweet this story

Review into English exam grades
The Welsh government is launching a review into performance in English language in this year's GCSEs. · Tweet this story

Maintaining the Momentum
We all know how the news agenda works. Yesterday we whipped up a well-deserved stink about the inexplicable drop in GCSE English results across many schools. It didn't accord with OfQual's limp talk of grade… · Tweet this story

Headteachers consider legal challenge against exam boards in row over GCSE grades
Fears that pupils from poor backgrounds and ethnic minorities unfairly hit by lower grades · Tweet this story


eylanezekiel @eylanezekiel 24 Aug
Looking for kinect developer interested in health therapy application project with leading uni. Pls RT and DM reply
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Richard Spencer @richspencer1979 24 Aug
This could be fixed today with one order from Gove to apply January boundaries to all GCSE English results. Contact your MPs, get this done.
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Cheryl Cole @CherylCole 24 Aug
I love Prince Harry !!! #Vegas
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Mario Falcone @Mario_Falcone 24 Aug
Just want to say I think that Prince Harry is a legend! #Vegas
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Louise Stewart @BBCLouise 24 Aug
Boris Johnson on Prince Harry: "The real scandal would be if you went all the way to Las Vegas and you didn't misbehave in some trivial way"
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