Friday, 17 August 2012

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Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

A-level results: Top grades fall
There has been a fall in the proportion of A-level grades awarded an A or A* for the first time in over two decades. · Tweet this story

Keep the flame alive: Michael Gove pushed through sales of school playing fields against official advice
The Education Secretary overruled internal advice from his own independent experts to force through the sale of school playing fields, The Daily Telegraph can disclose. · Tweet this story

Edublogs Commonly Asked Question " Should class and student blogs be public or private?"
We're often similar support questions We've decided to share our common questions & our answers by sharing the question, then let other people share their thoughts, and come back with our answer plus other people's… · Tweet this story

Does Your Klout Score Determine Your Value?
Return on Influence: Understand how you measure up on the social web and what that score means to your career or your business. · Tweet this story

Digital Literacies – A new framework for ICT
ICT – Information Communication Technology has been the title of the curriculum approach to the teaching and learning of technology in schools in England for the bes t part of this millennia. It has outstayed its… · Tweet this story


Dwight Carter @Dwight_Carter 16 Aug
#cpchat As the school begins, think priorities, not time. Decide what are the first things and work to keep them as first things.
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Tom Daley @TomDaley1994 16 Aug
I got an A in Spanish! Overall I have A* photography(A2), A spanish(A2) and A maths(AS) :) thanks 2 @PlymouthColleg1 :D
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Pie Museum @Pie_Museum 16 Aug
Within 2 years Gove will have replaced A-Levels with a nobleman on horseback coming to your village and selecting the children they want.
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If You Love Quotes @IfYouLoveQuotes 16 Aug
"Life is too short for erasers, just draw a line through it and move on." #quote
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Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1 16 Aug
I have seen teachers being hired as a result of their active presence on Twitter. Building a good PLN is very helpful #edhire
Retweeted by Mark E. Weston Ph.D., Darin Jolly, Ed.D. and 13 others
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