Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tom Whitby, Luis Perez and others share top stories

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The Top 5 iPad Apps Being Used In Classrooms Right Now, Pearson launching degree course, The connected conundrum for education, 5 Must-Know Tips For Deploying iPads In Your Classroom, 25 Ways To Use The iPad In The Classroom By Complexity, Elitismo de masas, 5 Consumer Trends You Can't Afford to Ignore This Holiday Season, You Know the Placebo Effect. Now There's the Nocebo Effect., 14 Smart Tips for Using iPads inClass, Handwriting Without Tears iPad App
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The Top 5 iPad Apps Being Used In Classrooms Right Now
edudemic.com  ❘   Shared by David Hollingshead, dtester and 3 others
So you're about to roll out a fleet of iPads in your classroom. Or perhaps you've finally gotten at least one. Either way, you're going to want to install some apps at some point. While we don't recommend pre-installing any paid apps (read more...
David Hollingshead dtester We Inspire Futures Lisa Belfield Fabiola
Pearson launching degree course
bbc.co.uk  ❘   Shared by UK Education Matters, Mark Smithers and 2 others
Pearson, the major international publisher and education firm, is to become a for-profit private higher education provider in the UK. The firm is opening Pearson College, teaching a degree course validated by existing London universities. The...
UK Education Matters Mark Smithers Steve Wheeler Andy Mitchell
The connected conundrum for education
smartblogs.com  ❘   Shared by Tom Whitby, Leslie Esneault and 2 others
Education Secretary Arne Duncan declared August Connected Educator Month. To the delight of many connected educators, this was a validation for much of their time spent and their many accomplishments achieved through the use of technology in general,...
Tom Whitby Leslie Esneault Scott Newcomb Kyle Pace
5 Must-Know Tips For Deploying iPads In Your Classroom
edudemic.com  ❘   Shared by Socrative, kevintame and 2 others
If you're looking to deploy iPads in education, you may think that it's just a matter of expense and storage. Those things are big, but they're not the biggest problems you'll face. In fact, this is one of those situations where money is the least of...
Socrative kevintame John Sparks Edudemic
25 Ways To Use The iPad In The Classroom By Complexity
teachthought.com  ❘   Shared by karacisco, dtester and 2 others
08/11/2012, Terry Heick , Leave a comment iPad use in formal learning environments, by all accounts, is soaring. Due to the almost magical ways it promotes interaction, that makes sense. But when learners are using the iPad, what are they doing?...
karacisco dtester kim powell Natalie Bryett
Elitismo de masas
sociedad.elpais.com  ❘   Shared by Daniela Perez, FunBox and 1 other
La irrupción de la educación a través de Internet en el ámbito universitario ha abierto las puertas a muchos estudiantes que no hubieran accedido a la educación superior en caso de depender de la enseñanza tradicional. Además, esta fórmula está...
Daniela Perez FunBox Comunidad Docente
5 Consumer Trends You Can't Afford to Ignore This Holiday Season
clickz.com  ❘   Shared by Daniel Zeevi and DASHBURST
Let's be honest, for many retail marketers this holiday season is shaping up to be scarier than living without your iPhone for a week. Last year, 62 percent of consumers said their holiday plans were affected by the economy. And we are certainly...
Daniel Zeevi DASHBURST
You Know the Placebo Effect. Now There's the Nocebo Effect.
bigthink.com  ❘   Shared by MeganStewart and islayian
You Know the Placebo Effect. Now There's the Nocebo Effect. Orion Jones on August 12, 2012, 3:45 PM What's the Latest Development? Similar to the placebo effect, in which a fake medication can give patients the benefits of having taken the real...
MeganStewart islayian
14 Smart Tips for Using iPads in Class
edgalaxy.com  ❘   Shared by Luis Perez and Carlos Fernandez
DECIDE iTUNES POLICY. Determine whether the school will control iTunes or whether students and families will have ownership and control to purchase apps — there are pros and cons to each.  In the first year of an iPad deployment, having the school...
Luis Perez Carlos Fernandez
Handwriting Without Tears iPad App
mattbgomez.com  ❘   Shared by Matt Gomez and isolutionsforautism
Category: Apps , iPad , Kindergarten , Language Arts , Writing Excited to try out this new app! Learn more about the app here Purchase it here I will add a review of the app later this week
Matt Gomez isolutionsforautism
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