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Are kids really motivated by technology?, Back To School: 5 Evernote Tips for Students, How to Roll Out a 1:1 iPad Program, How to Get Kids to Work as a Team If the Adults Around Them Can't, Tee Up the New School Year with Tips from Connected Educators, Global Communication Tools August #globalclassroomChat, Are You A Connected Educator?, Study: '21st-Century Learning' Demands Mix of Abilities| The Committed Sardine, 27 Things That Can Ruin a School Photo -, edcampsfbay notes, Teachers Need LessSupport, 13 Free iPad Spelling Apps to Easily Teach Kids to Spell Correctly, School superintendent salaries among state workers highest, PLN: I'm requesting your help, How to set up you site for the new school year
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Are kids really motivated by technology?  ❘   Shared by Scott Newcomb, Tom Whitby and 5 others
As a guy who delivers two-day #edtech workshops during my breaks from full-time classroom teaching, I'm often asked the same questions again and again: How can teachers use technology to motivate students? What digital tools do kids like best? My...
Scott Newcomb Tom Whitby Jill Lavender Daniel Edwards Chris Stogdill LearningForYou Torrey Trust
Back To School: 5 Evernote Tips for Students  ❘   Shared by Shayne Swift, Scott Newcomb and 3 others
As a part-time college professor, I love Evernote: I can clip articles, make lecture notes and cross reference assignments between different courses. But the more I get into Evernote, the more I see how my students could benefit from using it even...
Shayne Swift Scott Newcomb Tero Toivanen John Sparks John Robinson
How to Roll Out a 1:1 iPad Program  ❘   Shared by Jo-Ann Fox, Scott Newcomb and 2 others
When The Westside School decided to grow its established primary school into a leading middle school program, parents, teachers, students and administrators mapped out an integrated project-based learning environment designed to engage and challenge...
Jo-Ann Fox Scott Newcomb edutopia Elana Leoni
How to Get Kids to Work as a Team If the Adults Around Them Can't  ❘   Shared by Michael Berry, Derek James Richards and 1 other
"To get anywhere you have to build relationships with many different people-people who disagree with you, the skeptical and cynical. If you are to have any chance of progressing, you have to have enough empathy for their situation so that you can...
Michael Berry Derek James Richards Education Week
Tee Up the New School Year with Tips from Connected Educators  ❘   Shared by Ryan Gallwitz, Dwight Carter and 1 other
Educators who appreciate the value of professional networks have a keen understanding of the old adage, "The wisdom is in the room." For this growing community, "room" means any space -- virtual or physical -- where colleagues connect, exchange...
Ryan Gallwitz Dwight Carter Lyn Hilt
Global Communication Tools – August #globalclassroom Chat  ❘   Shared by Laurie Renton, Julia Skinner and 1 other
Post navigation Posted on August 14, 2012 by Michael Graffin By Dr Julius Neubronner [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons The August #globalclassroom chats are upon us, and this month's question and discussion post comes to us courtesy of Mark...
Laurie Renton Julia Skinner Michael Graffin
Are You A Connected Educator?  ❘   Shared by Jeff Delp, Robert Fetter and 1 other
August 18, 2012 by Krissy Venosdale | 0 comments What if I told you I had the secret to becoming an even better teacher?  It's this magical thing that will provide you with new, amazing ideas for free.  It's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week....
Jeff Delp Robert Fetter Teacherman
Study: '21st-Century Learning' Demands Mix of Abilities| The Committed Sardine  ❘   Shared by Colin Warren, Derek James Richards and 1 other
By Sarah D. Sparks on July 10, 2012 1:34 PM The modern workplace and lifestyle demand that students balance cognitive, personal, and interpersonal abilities, but current education policy discussions have not defined those...
Colin Warren Derek James Richards Daniel Edwards
27 Things That Can Ruin a School Photo -  ❘   Shared by Tom Whitford and George Couros
Tom Whitford George Couros
edcampsfbay notes  ❘   Shared by Lisa Dabbs and Elana Leoni
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Lisa Dabbs Elana Leoni
Teachers Need Less Support  ❘   Shared by Ella Bowling and Dr. Price-Mitchell
imagine if everyone had to use oxygen tanks The quality of a teacher has little to do with "behavioral" objectives, Kagan structures, language objectives, word walls or lesson plan formatting. Instead, it's about the ability to build a classroom...
Ella Bowling Dr. Price-Mitchell
13 Free iPad Spelling Apps to Easily Teach Kids to Spell Correctly  ❘   Shared by Mary Lohr and Stephen Baker
Mary Lohr Stephen Baker
School superintendent salaries among state workers' highest  ❘   Shared by Alfonso Gonzalez and Beth T. Sigall
Jody Lawrence-Turner The Spokesman-Review   As the start of school draws near, 34 public school districts in Washington will be led by new superintendents, including the state's three largest districts: Seattle, Spokane and Tacoma. Most of those new...
Alfonso Gonzalez Beth T. Sigall PLN: I'm requesting your help  ❘   Shared by Steve Clark and Sandra Wozniak
Steve Clark Sandra Wozniak
How to set up you site for the new school year  ❘   Shared by David Mitchell and John Sutton
Posted 3 mins ago and tagged as How To , New school year . Every summer it's a good idea to get your site set up and ready to go for next September. I recommend that each new year begins with new blog. There are several reasons for this: If blogs...
David Mitchell John Sutton
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