Friday, 17 August 2012

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Innovations in Education, Unfiltering Leadership andLearning, 3 Free Cool Tools to Curate Content, Per Square Mile: If the worlds population lived like, Khan Academy to launch computer science curriculum, 20 Schools Innovating With Digital Tools, Once you go flat you never go back, 45 Simple Twitter Tips Everyone Should Know About, Innovation Is Not the Holy Grail (SSIR), Top Banker: how banking taught us the wrong lesson about financial incentives
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Innovations in Education  ❘   Shared by Risang Baskara, Tom Whitby and 3 others
Be a designer of learning.    Think like a designer !  Architects follow building code just as teachers should follow standards – but think how far beyond code an archtict goes in designing living spaces that are functional. Really, they go way...
Risang Baskara Tom Whitby Shannon Smith Tibshirani Cindy Geddes
Unfiltering Leadership and Learning  ❘   Shared by Luann Lee, Eric Sheninger and 1 other
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Luann Lee Eric Sheninger Steven W. Anderson
3 Free Cool Tools to Curate Content  ❘   Shared by kim powell, JoAnn Jacobs and 1 other
August 16, 2012 - by Susan Oxnevad Why Curate? Content curation is a great way to find, organize and share useful knowledge efficiently. There are many free digital tools available to help manage web content in flexible ways allowing us to quickly...
kim powell JoAnn Jacobs Tom Whitby
Per Square Mile: If the world's population lived like…  ❘   Shared by zoe elder, Ruairidh Nicolson and 1 other
Shortly after I started Per Square Mile, I produced an infographic that showed how big a city would have to be to house the world's 7 billion people . There was a wrinkle, though—the city's limits changed drastically depending on which real city it...
zoe elder Ruairidh Nicolson Sir Ken Robinson
Khan Academy to launch computer science curriculum  ❘   Shared by Ohio School Boards , Jesse Lubinsky and 1 other
August 14, 2012, 1:10 PM — On Wednesday, free online tutorial service Khan Academy will launch a new series of instructional videos covering the field of computer science. "This project is going to blow the doors off Computer Science education,"...
Ohio School Boards Jesse Lubinsky LearningForYou
20 Schools Innovating With Digital Tools  ❘   Shared by Nour Alkhalidy ㋡ and Tom Vander Ark
Co-written by Tom Vander Ark and Sarah Cargill Hans Renman in Stockholm (@ tankom_hans ) asked on Twitter, "Do you know any US schools that are REALLY using digital tools in an INTERESTING way for communication, marketing, or learning?" That tweet...
Nour Alkhalidy ㋡ Tom Vander Ark
Once you go flat you never go back  ❘   Shared by Tom Whitby and Vicki Davis
Flattening the classroom is removing the classroom walls as students connect outside the classroom to authentically co-create with a variety of people. As co-founder of Flat Classroom Projects, we have students from kindergarten to college connecting...
Tom Whitby Vicki Davis
45 Simple Twitter Tips Everyone Should Know About  ❘   Shared by Kas Nelson and Eric Sheninger
Are you a tweetin' teacher? Do you rely on tweets for your extended PLN ? Whether you use the service or not, there's a whole world of information being shared and you should start taking part. But if you've been too nervous or unsure about HOW to...
Kas Nelson Eric Sheninger
Innovation Is Not the Holy Grail (SSIR)  ❘   Shared by ToddInKC and Todd Waller
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ToddInKC Todd Waller
Top Banker: how banking taught us the wrong lesson about financial incentives  ❘   Shared by Larry Ferlazzo and Daniel Pink
"Motivation does not come from financial incentives alone. Again, the financial sector has done us all a disservice in promoting the belief that massive financial compensation is necessary to motivate individuals ". So writes Mervyn King, Chairman...
Larry Ferlazzo Daniel Pink
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