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Flipped classrooms create magic and controversy in B.C. schools, Whatever Happened To iBooks?!, Are youlistening?, Free Technology for Teachers: 12 Awesome EdTech Tools for 2012-2013, Under your skin, Todays Essential ManagementSkill, TeachMeet / TMSENBradford, Why kids hate school subject by subject, Students Say They've Been Denied The Right To Read : NPR, From Management to Engagement, Reading nonfiction is not optional, Innovation Excellence, California Spends More On Its Prisons Than Its Colleges, Tu and Twitter: The death of "vous"?, New Technology in Your Classroom This Fall?
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Flipped classrooms create magic and controversy in B.C. schools  ❘   Shared by Cari Teske, Emilia Carrillo and 4 others
Veteran high-school teacher Carolyn Durley is a pro at delivering lectures from the front of her class and after two decades of teaching, she knows what her students need to learn to pass provincial exams. But in recent years, Durley began to wonder...
Cari Teske Emilia Carrillo Mario Addesa Tibshirani Blaise Johnson Derek James Richards
Whatever Happened To iBooks?!  ❘   Shared by Lisa Belfield, welearnmore and 2 others
Recently, I saw a post on a discussion board that asked, "Whatever happened to iBooks?" I found that a really entertaining concept, because my EdTechTeacher colleague – Greg Kulowiec – and I have spent hours on iBooks this summer in our workshops. In...
Lisa Belfield welearnmore Kevin Tame Jimmy Toy
Are you listening?  ❘   Shared by Debbie K Mah, J Way and 1 other
The hairdresser asks questions about what I'd like and is attentive and responsive. I show him a photo of the way my hair used to be cut and tell him I don't like the sides cut too short, but other than that am willing to try something new. We chat...
Debbie K Mah J Way Shannon Smith
Free Technology for Teachers: 12 Awesome EdTech Tools for 2012-2013  ❘   Shared by NetSupport, Richard Byrne and 1 other
NetSupport Richard Byrne Angela Maiers
Under your skin  ❘   Shared by The tes, Lorraine Heath and 1 other
news | Published in TES magazine on 7 September, 2012 | By: Tom Bennett No matter what emotional barriers you put up to allow you to do your job, some pupils will always break through, writes Tom Bennett Carli was a pupil I nearly taught 10 years...
The tes Lorraine Heath DfE
Today's Essential Management Skill  ❘   Shared by Deb Mills-Scofield and Lolly Daskal
Managing is more than processes and procedures; it's people. Successful managers bring out the best in others. "Management and leadership are about coaching around performance." John Baldoni My conversation with author, speaker, and executive...
Deb Mills-Scofield Lolly Daskal
TeachMeet / TMSENBradford  ❘   Shared by Andrew Gaunt and James Langley
Learn something new; be amazed, am used and enthused!   Kindly facilitated by:-                                                                Greengates Primary School The Innovation Centres and Cognition and Learning Team, CBMDC...
Andrew Gaunt James Langley
Why kids hate school — subject by subject  ❘   Shared by Scorebusters and Doug Peterson
A little while ago I published a post by cognitive scientist Roger C. Schank who wrote that contrary to popular opinion, algebra is not necessary and STEM education is overrated. In this follow-up piece, Schank goes subject by subject explaining why...
Scorebusters Doug Peterson
Students Say They've Been Denied The Right To Read : NPR  ❘   Shared by Tammy Audaer Bird and Lee Skallerup
text size A A A September 6, 2012 from MR Eight Detroit-area public school students returning to classes this week are plaintiffs against a school system they say has failed them. Their families and the American Civil Liberties Union charge that the...
Tammy Audaer Bird Lee Skallerup
From Management to Engagement  ❘   Shared by Eric Williams and Andrew Miller
As educators, we are always looking for management strategies to try in the classroom. Note I said "strategies" -- not "solutions." Many Edutopia bloggers have written about strategies and ideas for classroom management. I've also written a blog on...
Eric Williams Andrew Miller
Reading nonfiction is not optional  ❘   Shared by PragmaticMom and L.I.T Ladies
When Walter Dean Myers — noted young adult novelist — became the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature in January, he said something particularly profound in one of his first interviews with Publisher's Weekly . "We all know we should...
PragmaticMom L.I.T Ladies
Innovation Excellence  ❘   Shared by Jan Eade and JackieGerstein Ed.D.
Jan Eade JackieGerstein Ed.D.
California Spends More On Its Prisons Than Its Colleges  ❘   Shared by M Pacansky-Brock and Edudemic
There's a direct relationship between how much money the Golden State spends on prisons and how much it spends on higher education, according to a report put out by the non-partisan public policy group California Common Sense. When one goes up, the other goes down.
M Pacansky-Brock Edudemic
Tu and Twitter: The death of "vous"?  ❘   Shared by Alex Blagona and Alex Bellars
The informal version of "you" in the French language - "tu" - seems to be taking over on social media, at the expense of the formal "vous". As in many countries, online modes of address in French are more relaxed than in face-to-face encounters. But...
Alex Blagona Alex Bellars
New Technology in Your Classroom This Fall?  ❘   Shared by Derek James Richards and edutopia
Do you have new technology in your classroom this fall? Matt Levinson, head of the upper division at Marin Country Day School has some helpful tips on iPads and classroom use. Levinson is the author of " From Fear to Facebook: One School's Journey ."...
Derek James Richards edutopia
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