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How Do We Define and Measure Deeper Learning?, YouTube Launches American Idol Search For The BestTeachers, course-builder, Recognize The Big Rocks, What Is Interactive Learning? A Quick Guide For Everyone, YouTube, Sal Khan, Now Searching For The 10 Best Online Educators, From The Editor, , Digital Immigrants Helping the Natives, Las TIc en la evaluacin formativa by @marett, Heads turn to the law over grading scandal, Google Launches Open CourseBuilder, Creating a Low Budget Green Screen, 100 Incredible iPhone Apps for Modern Mobile Learning, Student creativity celebrated internationally on Sept. 15
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How Do We Define and Measure "Deeper Learning"?  ❘   Shared by Adi Madden, briankotts and 5 others
How Do We Define and Measure "Deeper Learning"? September 13, 2012 | 11:20 AM | By MindShift Flickr:Saxtourigr In preparing students for the world outside school, what skills are important to learn? This goes to the heart of the research addressed...
Adi Madden briankotts Night Zookeeper Doug Peterson Neil Beth Sanders Tina Barseghian
YouTube Launches ‘American Idol’ Search For The Best Teachers  ❘   Shared by Erin Olson, Julie Lindsay and 4 others
YouTube is looking to give some much-needed celebrity status to the most engaging teachers in the world. They're conducting an Internet-wide competition of the best video lessons, which will be judged by an all-star panel of online educators, such as...
Erin Olson Julie Lindsay Mario Addesa olekroll Pete Smith Danielle Hartman
course-builder  ❘   Shared by weemooseus, Doug Peterson and 1 other
Course Builder is our experimental first step in the world of online education. It packages the software and technology we used to build our Power Searching with Google online course. We hope you will use it to create your own online courses, whether...
weemooseus Doug Peterson Theodouli Terzidou
Recognize The Big Rocks  ❘   Shared by Dave Meister, Doug Peterson and 1 other
I find it intriguing that blogging has such a cathartic effect for me. There are many times that writing serves as an opportunity for me to organize thoughts, express frustrations, and admit to failures (or at least challenges) — an electronic...
Dave Meister Doug Peterson George Couros
What Is Interactive Learning? A Quick Guide For Everyone  ❘   Shared by Brian C. Bailey, Mario Addesa and 1 other
The classrooms of today are far from what most of us would consider traditional. In addition to the lack of chalkboards and the abundance of high-tech devices, many classrooms even conduct their lesson plans entirely online–giving whole new meaning...
Brian C. Bailey Mario Addesa DeWayne Harrell
YouTube, Sal Khan, Now Searching For The 10 Best Online Educators  ❘   Shared by Literally Ready, Brian C. Bailey and 1 other
YouTube is taking to, well, itself, to find some of the world's best online educators. The video site is partnering with Khan Academy to identify the ' Next EDU Gurus ' and they plan to reward them handsomely. What YouTube Is Looking For They want...
Literally Ready Brian C. Bailey Eric Pitt
From The Editor  ❘   Shared by The tes, Tony Parkin and 1 other
opinion | Published in TES magazine on 14 September, 2012 | By: Gerard Kelly The Ofqual grading fiasco is similar to the Olympics. It seems to last a long time, brings competing nations together (well, England and Wales) and includes bizarre...
The tes Tony Parkin Geoff Barton  ❘   Shared by Doug Peterson and MarisaConstantinides
So, here are my 15 reasons why I think developing your teaching online can be more effective. Learn while you teach  - This gives you the opportunity to try things out with your own classes working in your own environment with your own students....
Doug Peterson MarisaConstantinides
Digital Immigrants Helping the Natives  ❘   Shared by John Sparks and Tony Baldasaro
Over on the Teaching Now blog, our colleague Anthony Rebora examines a Scientific American article in which two teachers argue that, although children may appear naturally comfortable using Web technology, that doesn't automatically mean they know...
John Sparks Tony Baldasaro
Las TIc en la evaluación formativa by @marett  ❘   Shared by Rafa Vilabelda and Alfredo Corell
Slideshare continúa ampliando el número de servicios con los que se integra y ahora permite hacerlo con, el servicio de curaduría de contenidos del cual ya hemos hablado por aquí alguna vez. En este caso la integración consigue, entre otras...
Rafa Vilabelda Alfredo Corell
Heads turn to the law over grading scandal  ❘   Shared by Matthew Russell and The tes
news | Published in TES magazine on 14 September, 2012 | By: William Stewart Lawyers confident that judges would quash June GCSE marks A landmark legal challenge to this summer's GCSE English results is expected to begin next week as figures show...
Matthew Russell The tes
Google Launches Open Course Builder  ❘   Shared by Ohio School Boards and Nour Alkhalidy ㋡
Google launched an open source course building web application for the growing list of k-12 and big-name universities developing online classes. The barebones website is a light-weight way to bring course material online, track student engagement...
Ohio School Boards Nour Alkhalidy ㋡
Creating a Low Budget Green Screen  ❘   Shared by edublogs and Sue Waters
When I set out this morning to make a low budget temporary green screen, I didn't imagine that it would take less than 10 minutes, and actually cost me next to nothing thanks to some left over paper in the teacher supply room of our elementary...
edublogs Sue Waters
100 Incredible iPhone Apps for Modern Mobile Learning  ❘   Shared by Metier Academy Dir. and A.J. Ripin
100 Incredible iPhone Apps for Modern Mobile Learning By BachelorsDegreeOnline in Mobile Applications Translate 09 2012 Friday 14 Even Luddites have to admit the iPhone definitely altered the way humanity interacts with its own devices, making...
Metier Academy Dir. A.J. Ripin
Student creativity celebrated internationally on Sept. 15  ❘   Shared by JackieGerstein Ed.D. and Tom Whitford
Student creativity celebrated internationally on Sept. 15 Read more by eSchool News Staff In today's AYP-focused school culture, it might be hard to see students as more than just data sets and test scores. In an effort to remind educators,...
JackieGerstein Ed.D. Tom Whitford
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