Saturday, 15 September 2012

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Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

How To Test If Your School Is Actually Ready For Digital Learning
So you want a 1:1 classroom … or perhaps a BYOD classroom. Or maybe you just want a couple iPads for some project-based learning. That's wonderful. But what if your school's wi-fi isn' t up to snuff? What if the process… · Tweet this story

Flippancy makes exam system look even less credible
Say what you like about Ofqual's Glenys Stacey but, to paraphrase a former education secretary, she definitely puts the "offensive" into the phrase "charm offensive". Our chief regulator made her name, I gather… · Tweet this story

Girls Launch Their Own High-Interest STEM Project
When six middle-school girls from Bowling Green, Kentucky, got the wild idea to launch a camera into space, they knew there would be big challenges ahead. They would have to learn about everything fro · Tweet this story

Seth's Blog: If you want to get paid for your freelance work
...then access to tools is no longer sufficient. Everyone you compete with has access to a camera, a keyboard, a guitar. Just because you know how to use a piece of software or a device doesn't mean that there isn't... · Tweet this story

The new Ofsted e-safety framework: is your school ready?
E-safety as an area is constantly evolving, Alan Mackenzie explains how you can keep up and empower children and teachers with the knowledge to identify and avoid online risks · Tweet this story


Tom Bennett @tombennett71 14 Sep
The further you get from the classroom, the more important assessment data gets, possibly because you have no other way to know the students
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kdwashburn @kdwashburn 14 Sep
"I believe every great—and by great I mean not just instructive, but inspiring—teacher is him or herself a determined learner."
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Mike Bostock @Mike_Bostock 14 Sep
Setting floor targets when we have a norm-referenced exam system makes as much sense as expecting every school to be above average.
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David Mitchell @RealDMitchell 14 Sep
In this week's Soapbox, I think I've scuppered my chances of being asked to play Downton Abbey's new butler.
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Explain Everything @explainevrythng 14 Sep
This has to be one of coolest student projects made w/ @explainevrythng & iMovie Journey Through The Solar System:
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