Friday, 7 September 2012

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Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

A Back-To-School Refresher On How Actually Be A Great Writer
This article will teach you some strategies for planning, organizing, and revising your academic papers, and about those small things that separate great writers from mediocre ones. This advice is geared mainly towards… · Tweet this story

Volume Purchase Programme
See how easy it is for educational institutions to purchase and distribute apps in volume. · Tweet this story

Great Video Tutorials on Flipped Classroom
So you have decided to flip your classroom this year and invert your instruction method hoping to get more student engagement and boost their productivity levels. Well good thing you are going to give Flipped Classroom… · Tweet this story

20 Dead Simple Classroom Management Ideas, Tricks, and Tips
I have written extensively in the past about classroom management and I admit I have glossed over some things while belaboring other points way beyond the point of exhaustion. Below are a few of the common classroom… · Tweet this story

Angry Leaders
Embrace the dark side. Don't pretend it's not there. Leaders are angry individuals. Think frustrated if it's more comfortable. Not: I'm not talking about temper tantrums. Wisdom delays action when ... · Tweet this story


Barack Obama @BarackObama 05 Sep
Michelle's biggest fans were watching from home:
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Philip Gourevitch @PGourevitch 05 Sep
Best Castro line so far: You can't be pro-business unless you're pro-education.
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Ezra Klein @ezraklein 05 Sep
Whoa RT @gov The end @MichelleObama's speech drove a higher Tweets-per-minute peak than @MittRomney's at #GOP2012. 28,003 vs. 14,289
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Brian Lightman @brianlightman 05 Sep
Very pleased to have been invited to appear before Select Committee on Tuesday with @ASCL_UK President Mike Griffiths.
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Dalai Lama @DalaiLama 05 Sep
Many of our world's problems and conflicts arise because we have lost sight of the basic humanity that binds us together as a human family.
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