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At last, dumbed down exams are axed: No A* grades, endless re-sits or marks for coursework in new 'Gove-level', Dots Around the World, Top 10 Dos and Donts When Flipping Your Classroom#edchat, Step away from the computer screen, Why You MUST Ignore Your Social MediaScores, Brain Research: Adolescents Learn More in Cooperative Groups, Innovation Is Not the Holy Grail (SSIR), Why College Students Still Prefer Print Over E-Books, 4 Questions to Increase Relevance| The Committed Sardine, Thank you, MaryRobinson, How to Create a Portfolio with Evernote (Education Series) Evernote Blogcast, Seth's Blog: Six audiences, Ten Secrets To Surviving As A Teacher, Samsung Takes Jab at iPhone 5 With Fiesty Ad, Till Susanna Dzamic
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At last, dumbed down exams are axed: No A* grades, endless re-sits or marks for coursework in new 'Gove-level'  ❘   Shared by Digital Maverick, DebsF and 4 others
By Simon Walters PUBLISHED: 16:01 EST, 15 September 2012 | UPDATED: 16:17 EST, 15 September 2012 Abolishing GCSEs: Education Secretary Michael Gove is to axe 'dumbed-down' exams and bring back a tough new O-level style system Michael Gove is to...
Digital Maverick DebsF nick newman Alex Bellars UK Education Matters Rolf
Dots Around the World  ❘   Shared by George Huthart, Clive Elsmore and 1 other
Post navigation The response to an idea I had while watching this movie , was amazing. And it worked! We managed to dot ourselves around the world – literally! 17 countries, over 30 classes ranging from PreK to Year 11. Each and every dot made me...
George Huthart Clive Elsmore Anne Mirtschin
Top 10 Do's and Don'ts When Flipping Your Classroom #edchat  ❘   Shared by Qamar Riaz, Andrés Izquierdo and 1 other
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Qamar Riaz Andrés Izquierdo Daniel Edwards
Step away from the computer screen  ❘   Shared by Daniel Edwards, Doug Peterson and 1 other
Teachers are finding ways to ensure their students, like Oscar Judelson-Kelly, hone critical thinking and curiosity skills that don't require WiFi., and perhaps consider the possibility that Google isn't omnipotent. Oscar Judelson-Kelly, 11, is...
Daniel Edwards Doug Peterson Safina N.
Why You MUST Ignore Your Social Media Scores  ❘   Shared by Matt Browne, Daniel Zeevi and 1 other
Posted on September 14, 2012, in Empire Avenue , Klout , Kred , Social Media and tagged Anise Smith , Digital marketing , Empire Avenue , Facebook , Google+ , Internet Marketing , Klout , Kred , Marketing strategy , Social Media , Social Media...
Matt Browne Daniel Zeevi DASHBURST
Brain Research: Adolescents Learn More in Cooperative Groups  ❘   Shared by Vijay Krishnan, Alison Anderson and 1 other
A MiddleWeb Guest Article   Judy Willis is a board-certified neurologist and middle school teacher in Santa Barbara, California. She's the author of many articles and books that help educators translate brain research into effective teaching and...
Vijay Krishnan Alison Anderson Pascale Drever
Innovation Is Not the Holy Grail (SSIR)  ❘   Shared by theASIDEblog and Steve Collis
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theASIDEblog Steve Collis
Why College Students Still Prefer Print Over E-Books  ❘   Shared by Gerhard Bless and Tony Baldasaro
ABOUT ARGO The NPR Argo Network is a collection of websites by NPR member stations committed to strengthening local journalism Learn More...
Gerhard Bless Tony Baldasaro
4 Questions to Increase Relevance| The Committed Sardine  ❘   Shared by Edcamp Ottawa and Daniel Edwards
Last night, I had a nightmare. I was in an airport and none of the self check-in kiosks were working. I went to the counter and realized I didn't have my suitcase or computer. I had no idea where they were, but I thought perhaps I'd left them where I...
Edcamp Ottawa Daniel Edwards
Thank you, Mary Robinson  ❘   Shared by Mary Loftus and Catherine Cronin
August 3, 2012 In June 1996 I attended a poetry reading by Seamus Heaney at the University of Stirling. The Principal of the University gave a short introduction, saying that we would remember the next hour for the rest of our lives. I believe he...
Mary Loftus Catherine Cronin
How to Create a Portfolio with Evernote (Education Series) « Evernote Blogcast  ❘   Shared by Andrés Izquierdo and Louise Robinson-Lay
Name: Rob Van Nood Location: Portand, OR Profession: Teacher Blog: Website: Evernote for Schools Join the Evernote for Portfolios Discussion Forum   Bio Rob is a teacher at Trillium Charter...
Andrés Izquierdo Louise Robinson-Lay
Seth's Blog: Six audiences  ❘   Shared by Daniel Zeevi and Tony Baldasaro
You get what you focus on. Focus on nothing, and you won't get much. The successful organization can be focused on any of these constituencies (a partial list): The sales force the stock market potential new customers existing customers employees...
Daniel Zeevi Tony Baldasaro
Ten Secrets To Surviving As A Teacher  ❘   Shared by Tony Baldasaro and Doug Peterson
09/13/2012, Terry Heick , Leave a comment Surviving as a teacher isn't easy. Between the sheer work load, diversity of tasks, brutal pace, and seemingly divergent initiatives pulling you in a thousand directions, education can break even the most...
Tony Baldasaro Doug Peterson
Samsung Takes Jab at iPhone 5 With Fiesty Ad  ❘   Shared by bwamsat and Jenn Scheffer
Samsung takes a jab at Apple's iPhone 5 in its new Galaxy S III ad.
bwamsat Jenn Scheffer
Till Susanna Dzamic  ❘   Shared by Anna Kaya and Karin Brånebäck
Till Susanna Dzamic På Twitter i morse var det någon som länkade till din krönika F ramtidens lärare saknar passion . Jag har nu lät den tre gånger och sitter fortfarande och kliar mig i huvudet. Vad är det du vill säga? Vill du bara göra dig rolig...
Anna Kaya Karin Brånebäck
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