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Why School?, YouTube Launches American Idol Search For The BestTeachers, How Do We Define and Measure Deeper Learning?, Learning In Burlington: BYOT and one-to-one initiatives are literacy initiatives, Adonis has a plan for schools, and you may find you like it, 50 Important Education Twitter HashtagsWith Meeting Times!, Privacy, Equity, and other BYOD Concerns, The 50 Best Videos For Teachers Interested In Gamification, TeachMeet / TMSENBradford, This $9 Cardboard Bike Can Support Riders Up To 485lbs, A Letter to Parents of Digital-Age Students, Slow Down To See More, Augmented Reality Apps Transform Class Time, 5 Fascinating Social Media Predictions for 2013, Digital Literacy Tour
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Why School?  ❘   Shared by Kelly Dumont, Philip Cummings and 2 others
It's with a great deal of excitement and bit of trepidation that I share my newest book , published by TED Books . It's a 14,000-word e-book only, extended essay in which I try to flesh out the ideas I've been speaking and writing about lately, most...
Kelly Dumont Philip Cummings Rich Kiker Shira Leibowitz Ph.D
YouTube Launches ‘American Idol’ Search For The Best Teachers  ❘   Shared by olekroll, Pete Smith and 1 other
YouTube is looking to give some much-needed celebrity status to the most engaging teachers in the world. They're conducting an Internet-wide competition of the best video lessons, which will be judged by an all-star panel of online educators, such as...
olekroll Pete Smith Danielle Hartman
How Do We Define and Measure "Deeper Learning"?  ❘   Shared by Neil, Beth Sanders and 1 other
How Do We Define and Measure "Deeper Learning"? September 13, 2012 | 11:20 AM | By MindShift Flickr:Saxtourigr In preparing students for the world outside school, what skills are important to learn? This goes to the heart of the research addressed...
Neil Beth Sanders Tina Barseghian
Learning In Burlington: BYOT and one-to-one initiatives are literacy initiatives  ❘   Shared by Michael Berry, edublogs and 1 other
Michael Berry edublogs Sue Waters
Adonis has a plan for schools, and you may find you like it  ❘   Shared by Brett Wigdortz , Ian Fordham and 1 other
Martin Kettle: In the Labour peer's vision for the state sector the academies and free schools rollout goes on, regardless of vested interests
Brett Wigdortz Ian Fordham Steven Clarke
50 Important Education Twitter Hashtags–With Meeting Times!  ❘   Shared by tshreve, Melanie Richey and 1 other
09/11/2012, Terry Heick , Leave a comment Twitter chats are a great resource for learning and networking, allowing academics from all over the world to come together on a regular basis to talk about what's important in education. They're also ideal...
tshreve Melanie Richey eraser
Privacy, Equity, and other BYOD Concerns  ❘   Shared by CoSN, CiscoEDU and 1 other
ABOUT ARGO The NPR Argo Network is a collection of websites by NPR member stations committed to strengthening local journalism Learn More...
CoSN CiscoEDU Daniel Edwards
The 50 Best Videos For Teachers Interested In Gamification  ❘   Shared by Tim Riches and Mario Addesa
Gaming in education is a really big deal, and a very fun way to get students more involved and interested in education. Board games, video games, even active outdoor games all have an important place in education, and these videos share more about...
Tim Riches Mario Addesa
TeachMeet / TMSENBradford  ❘   Shared by dawnhallybone and James Langley
Learn something new; be amazed, am used and enthused!   Kindly facilitated by:-                                                                Greengates Primary School The Innovation Centres and Cognition and Learning Team, CBMDC...
dawnhallybone James Langley
This $9 Cardboard Bike Can Support Riders Up To 485lbs  ❘   Shared by Wildnfree and Digital Maverick
Wildnfree Digital Maverick
A Letter to Parents of Digital-Age Students  ❘   Shared by Tom Vander Ark and Kyle Pace
September 13, 2012 - by Susan Lucille Davis First, let me thank you for entrusting me with teaching your children, honoring the amazing individuals they are, and helping them discover the confident and empowered young people they can be. Providing...
Tom Vander Ark Kyle Pace
Slow Down To See More  ❘   Shared by Lolly Daskal and Deb Mills-Scofield
Slow Down To See More Posted on 13. Sep, 2012 by lollydaskal in Blog , Lead From Within , Personal Development   If you look at the above images from your seat in front of the computer, you can see Mr. Angry is on the left and Ms. Calm is on the...
Lolly Daskal Deb Mills-Scofield
Augmented Reality Apps Transform Class Time  ❘   Shared by Jon Perera and Scott McLeod
Jon Perera Scott McLeod
5 Fascinating Social Media Predictions for 2013  ❘   Shared by Social♦Niche♦Buzz and Jenny She
Note : This is a guest article by Nathan Brown . More details about him after the post. Days have gone since the last New Year celebration and every dawn has had something new for the humankind. With the thought of the New Year comes the thought of...
Social♦Niche♦Buzz Jenny She
Digital Literacy Tour  ❘   Shared by Ozge Karaoglu Ergen and Kyle Pace
At Google, we support the education of families on how to stay safe online. That's why we've teamed up with online safety organization iKeepSafe to develop curriculum that educators can use in the classroom to teach what it means to be a responsible...
Ozge Karaoglu Ergen Kyle Pace
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