Tuesday, 18 September 2012

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300+ Educational Twitter Hashtags Being Used Right Now, Million Cranes for Japan, LIFX: The Light Bulb Reinvented, The Adorable Microscopic Organisms That Can Survive in Space, Teachers Manuel on The Use of Google Docs in Education, He's not the messiah .., BYOD in 10 steps, Top 10 Dos and Donts When Flipping Your Classroom#edchat, Schools Don't Need Reform, They Need Revolution, 5 Outstanding SEO Personalities in a Quick Interview, Report: Schools not Meeting Students' Technology Needs, Book sculpture flows out of Museum Meermanno Flickr Blog, Britain unprepared for 'tsunami' of dementia patients, A Startling Thought, Can MOOC's Help Sell Textbooks?
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300+ Educational Twitter Hashtags Being Used Right Now
edudemic.com  ❘   Shared by Gail LeGrand, welearnmore and 1 other
Are you looking to figure out exactly which Twitter hashtag is the right one to follow? There's no shortage of options and it can feel overwhelming. Sure, there's the popular #edchat and #edtech hashtags most of us follow. But what about the more...
Gail LeGrand welearnmore Peter Brigg
Million Cranes for Japan
vimeo.com  ❘   Shared by Irene Becker, Julia Skinner and 1 other
Irene Becker Julia Skinner Second Life Spanish
LIFX: The Light Bulb Reinvented
kickstarter.com  ❘   Shared by Lewis Phillips and Mark Oehlert
LIFX is the smartest light bulb you've ever experienced. It's a wifi-enabled, energy efficient, multi-colored bulb that you control with your iPhone or Android. LIFX gives you unprecedented control of your lights, reduces your energy costs, lasts up...
Lewis Phillips Mark Oehlert
The Adorable Microscopic Organisms That Can Survive in Space
theatlantic.com  ❘   Shared by Jenny She and Learning Partnership
Tardigrades are minuscule, eight-legged creatures that can withstand extreme conditions, including the vacuum of space.
Jenny She Learning Partnership
Teachers Manuel on The Use of Google Docs in Education
educatorstechnology.com  ❘   Shared by Leslie Whittington and Christopher Kauter
Leslie Whittington Christopher Kauter
He's not the messiah ..
tes.co.uk  ❘   Shared by Rich Davies and tes Primary
news | Published in TES magazine on 14 September, 2012 | By: Darren Evans … but for many policymakers he comes close. John Hattie, possibly the world's most influential education academic, has the ear of governments everywhere. Darren Evans speaks...
Rich Davies tes Primary
BYOD in 10 steps
sec-ed.co.uk  ❘   Shared by Trevor Connolly and Eric Sheninger
Thinking about embracing Bring Your Own Device in your school? Earnie Kramer offers a 10-point guide. M obile learning lets pupils move toward personalised, anytime/anywhere learning, with access to the wealth of information and resources on the...
Trevor Connolly Eric Sheninger
Top 10 Do's and Don'ts When Flipping Your Classroom #edchat
syded.wordpress.com  ❘   Shared by Krystina Valdes and isteconnects
Follow "syded"
Krystina Valdes isteconnects
Schools Don't Need Reform, They Need Revolution
good.is  ❘   Shared by Courtney Hanes and Holly Boardman
In the summer of 2010 I took a three-week trip to India to visit family in Delhi and Calcutta. After I came back to the United States, I started to review the notes I'd jotted down from conversations I had with Indian students and parents on their...
Courtney Hanes Holly Boardman
5 Outstanding SEO Personalities in a Quick Interview
searchenginejournal.com  ❘   Shared by DASHBURST and Daniel Zeevi
What makes an SEO community so vibrant and attractive is for sure the bright personalities who have helped shape the SEO industry, creating unique products and offering their advanced expertise. Today, we decided to ask some of the remarkable...
DASHBURST Daniel Zeevi
Report: Schools not Meeting Students' Technology Needs
thejournal.com  ❘   Shared by John Goldsmith and John Sparks
John Goldsmith John Sparks
Book sculpture flows out of Museum Meermanno « Flickr Blog
blog.flickr.net  ❘   Shared by Daniel Zeevi and DASHBURST
Spanish artist Alicia Martin attracts people passing by the Meermanno Museum in The Hague with her book assemblages. Martin is one of 14 paper artists participating in the International Paper Biennial 2012. Photos from Haags Uitburo , de_buurman ,...
Daniel Zeevi DASHBURST
Britain unprepared for 'tsunami' of dementia patients
independent.co.uk  ❘   Shared by Clive Barwell and Joseph Rowntree Fdn.
Clive Barwell Joseph Rowntree Fdn.
A Startling Thought
dianeravitch.net  ❘   Shared by Scorebusters and Diane Ravitch
This teacher read Alex Kotlowitz's article in the New York Times about how teachers can't solve poverty all by themselves and this was her reaction: Alex Kotlowitz says about solving poverty, "teachers can't do it alone." I say, we can't do it all,...
Scorebusters Diane Ravitch
Can MOOC's Help Sell Textbooks?
chronicle.com  ❘   Shared by Mark Smithers and Scorebusters
September 17, 2012 By Jennifer Howard Colleges aren't the only enterprises interested in the possibilities of free, online courses. Publishers have begun to investigate whether so-called MOOC's, or massive open online courses, can help them reach...
Mark Smithers Scorebusters
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