Monday, 24 September 2012

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Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

10 Great YouTube Channels for Teachers
First thank you all for the positive feedback I received in your emails following the publication of "12 Educational Videos your should not Miss ". I do feel glad my posts are leaving good impressions on some of you.In · Tweet this story

Another Stunningly Bad Vision for Learning
From the somewhat ironically titled Getting Smart blog: " Harun envisions ShowMe playing a role in the future classroom. "Maybe we will shift to a new form of classrooms, leaving the traditional way... · Tweet this story

NBC's Education Nation puts the spotlight on students
admin Education policy is an ever-polarizing issue where students, the real victims of the system's failures, are often ignored or entirely forgotten. NBC's Education Nation is putting the focus where it belongs and… · Tweet this story

What makes a great teacher?
This blog post is directly inspired by reading a blog post by @headguruteacher on 'creating the conditions for great teachers to thrive', which links back to the post which has given ri... · Tweet this story

What do you want to talk about during this week's (9/25) #edchat?
What do you want to talk about during this week's (9/25) # edchat? (Winston-Salem, NC) 1,392 followings | 41,321 followers | 57,869 tweets Educator, Speaker, Blogger, # Edchat Co-Creator, # 140Conf Character, Edublogs… · Tweet this story


Tom Whitby @tomwhitby 23 Sep
If Technology is what our culture uses for collaboration, communication & creation, why would we even question its use in Education? #Edchat
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Mark Sample @samplereality 23 Sep
I can't decide if I'm inside the tent pissing out or outside the tent pissing in. Anyway, I made this DH satire:
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Caroline Tanqueray @Get_mummy_a_gin 23 Sep
Teacher wrote "you met the success criteria" on last week's homework. She's 8 FFS, not a 34 year old management consultant.
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Anonymous UK @AnonUK 23 Sep
#Anonymous: We Are Legion - The Story of the Hacktivists - Full documentary about the rise of Anonymous now online:
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Richie Burke @RichieBurkeyBoy 23 Sep
This is my Cousin Jill Meagher and She is Missing Since Friday Night in Melbourne Australia, Please Retweet for me
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