Monday, 3 September 2012

Re: Geoff Barton, Daniel Edwards, and 45 others have Tweets for you

Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

The Top 10 Educational Livebinders for 2012
LiveBinders is an electronic portfolio that allows its users to organize , bookmark, and share online content . It is a bookmarking tool that facilitates the organization of the information found online. Instead of… · Tweet this story

Ever so 'umble
I'm writing this as a humble English teacher. It's what I became in 1985, inspired by my own English teacher, Roy Samson, who - when I told him what I wanted to do - said "It's a brilliant job: you spend your life… · Tweet this story

The iPad and Your Soldiers (Top 10 Tips for Personalised Learning)
It is very easy to find a list of recommended apps for general or subject specific use. However, one of the iPads greatest strengths is its ability to help personalise learning for all. The followi... · Tweet this story

Bad teachers 'blight children's futures', Michael Gove warns
Under-performing teachers are to be weeded out under new powers given to inspectors to scrutinise them and heads to have them sacked. · Tweet this story

Ofsted chief urges GCSE overhaul
GCSE exams should be "thoroughly overhauled," the chief schools inspector in England says, as he raises concerns about examination standards. · Tweet this story


 Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist 02 Sep
Just want to wish my PLN a fab year. May lessons be outstanding, we all learn more, & most importantly our students flourish. Go #teachers
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Bradley Wiggins @bradwiggins 02 Sep
David Weir British Superstar!
Retweeted by Matthew Pearson, stephen heppell and 1042 others
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David Doherty @dockers_hoops 02 Sep
Best of luck to all going back tomorrow. Remember, ours is the best job in the world and don't let anyone tell you otherwise :-) #Teachers
Retweeted by zoe elder, Gwen Nelson and 26 others
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Meenoo Rami @meenoorami 02 Sep
Sept. 3 at 7 pm ET. @ShellTerrell hosts #engchat - How do we create a classroom community based on trust & respect? Pls. RT. #nwp
Retweeted by Shelly S Terrell, Leslie Whittington and 6 others
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Usain St. Leo Bolt @usainbolt 02 Sep
Simply inspiring #paralympicgames2012
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