Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Re: Holly Boardman, Erin Klein, and 59 others have Tweets for you

Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

6 Ways Principals Can Connect With Students
This killed me today... My 8 year old girl when asked what a Principal does, It's that person that talks to you when you've done something bad. #cpchat ...
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The 2 Hottest Educational Social Networks You're Not Yet Using
Companies and startups alike are jumping feet-first into the edtech world, hoping to connect educ ators like never before. They' re doing this by creating their very own social networks with functionality that rivals…
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6 Powerful Google Docs Features to Support the Collaborative Writing Process
Google Docs is a great tool for helping teachers thoughtfully incorporate digital writing into the curriculum.
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Dear @Google Chairmain @EricSchmidt, You Are WRONG About Educators
CBS 60 Minutes this evening broadcast an interesting piece about the Khan Academy, #flippedclassrooms and responsive instruction. I was right with them until Google Chairman @EricScmidt said this (...
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The Global Search for Education: More Arts Please
Sir Ken Robinson, PhD, is one of the internationally recognized leaders in the development of education creativity and innovation. Here he explains what an arts curriculum should look.
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Warwick Mansell @warwickmansell 03 Sep
Ofsted says all schs must be at least good. Ofsted seems to define gd as "better than average".So Of saying all schs must be better than av?
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Dr. Sanjay Gupta @sanjayguptaCNN 03 Sep
RT @60Minutes @sanjayguptaCNN: "Does [online learning] minimize the role of the teacher?" Khan: "No, I think it's the exact opposite."
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hahahoho @dukkhaboy 03 Sep
Please reshuffle gove
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Jimmy V @jimmygunner 03 Sep
On Friday, presenting to staff about how Twitter can help education. Hoping to demonstrate the spread WW. Plz RT if you see this.
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Brian Lightman @brianlightman 03 Sep
Michael Gove misses the point on @BBCBreakfast conflating GCSE Eng issue with modular exams and reform agenda. Completely different.
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