Sunday, 30 September 2012

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Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

Education Rethink: 13 Ways to Engage Reluctant Writers
This is my seventh year of having students create their own blogs. Initially, the student blogs were nothing more than a class journal poste... My son comes home with a packet every day. He spends half an hour going… · Tweet this story

Seth's Blog
It would be great to be picked, to win the random lottery, to have a dream come true. But when we rely on a wish to get where we want to go, we often sacrifice the effort that might make... · Tweet this story

15 Ways To Learn Like Students In China
Twenty-third in science. Thirty-first in math. As the grand old USA lags further behind the rest of the world in education, the temptation to model ourselves after countries that continuously churn out strong students… · Tweet this story

6 New Educational Web Tools for Teachers
This week's list of educational web tools has a variety of new services that we have handpicked for you from different blogs and platforms. If you are a teacher whose work eats away all his/her time leaving him/her with… · Tweet this story

Social Equality in the Classroom
I saw a comment on Twitter questioning why there is such a high proportion of pupils on free school meals in bottom sets for English & Maths. The tweet prompted a discussion about the merits of setting and mixed ability… · Tweet this story


David Weston @informed_edu 29 Sep
How can it be right that Ofsted (£208m) costs more than the combined (reported) CPD budgets of every school (£178m)? #WrongPriorities
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Susan Banister @susanbanister 29 Sep
No. 1 son just asked me "what is the link between those two?" :)
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Dwayne Johnson @TheRock 29 Sep
My cheat meal days are legendary. Round 1: 1 Rock vs 12 Pancakes Rock Wins #LegendaryCheatMeals
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Oliver Quinlan @oliverquinlan 29 Sep
Brett Victor - Inventing on principle #digpen #Coding
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Mental Floss @mental_floss 29 Sep
Asperger syndrome is named for Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger, who described it in 1944. He called his patients "Little Professors."
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