Wednesday, 26 September 2012

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Nick Chater,
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  Nick Chater

Awesome Tutorials on how Teachers can Use Google Forms
Google Forms is a great free service for us in education. It is part of the free tools Google Docs offers to its users. Google Forms has a huge potentail for classroom teaching and teachers can do a myriad of tasks with… · Tweet this story

Tools for plugging ICT into any lesson: my top five resources
ICT shouldn't be confined to ICT lessons. Mike Britland shares his top tech tools to bring class quizzes, discussions and presentations alive · Tweet this story

Personal statement: 10 most overused opening sentences
Ucas have compiled a list of the 10 most overused opening sentences in personal statements. Whatever you do, don't begin yours with any of these... · Tweet this story

In a roundabout way
I was asked today whether or not a school or class twitter account should be protected or not (a parent had suggested they should lock down the accounts and only allow approved followers) and whether there was any… · Tweet this story

Letter from a Parent
This type of validation just adds more fuel to our passion of spreading our message. I just LOVE hearing stories like this. · Tweet this story


Dr. David D. Timony @DrTimony 25 Sep
‎"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones." John Cage #edchat
Retweeted by Nancy Caramanico, Tom Murray and 36 others
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Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher 25 Sep
An unengaged teacher at her desk = unengaged students --> Students will rarely exceed the energy you put into the equation. #edchat
Retweeted by Pam Thompson, Elisabeth Howell and 48 others
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Olga Rodriguez @olgarodriguezfr 25 Sep
Watch this: Police charge at protestors. Madrid, near Spanish Congress, now.… via @eldiarioes #hoyes25S #25-s
Retweeted by José María Ruiz, Pilar Pamblanco and 153 others
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SLTchat @SLTchat 25 Sep
#SLTchat You probably knew this already? Look:
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Inspirational Quotes @Inspire_Us 25 Sep
Everyone you meet has something to teach you.
Retweeted by Dwight Carter and 635 others
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