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A Sponsor From Far Far Away, 100 Of The Best Twitter Tools For Teachers By Category, Learnable Programming, 10 Tips to Successfully Raise a Bilingual Child at Besos, Technologys Role In Education: A Primer, Elsevier partners with edX to provide free versions of textbooks to MOOC students, Studies Find Payoff in 'Personalizing' Algebra, 11 Reasons Teachers Should Make Their Own Videos, NFL, referees' union agree to end lockout, 50 Top Sources Of Free eLearning Courses, A Leader Who Needed a Pause Button, Facebook's MySpace Moment: Why Twitter Is Already Bigger Than Facebook, You dont fatten a pig by weighing it, Facebook Integrates With Dropbox To Power File-Sharing Within FacebookGroups, Learning with 'e's: A convenient untruth
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A Sponsor From Far Far Away  ❘   Shared by USFCA_SOE, PragmaticMom and 4 others
Posted by Gabe on September 26, 2012 under Kids are Heroes , Kids Are Heroes Day , Kids Are Heroes Day 2012 | If you have been following our progress the last few months, you will know that we have been working feverishly to organize our 5th Annual...
USFCA_SOE PragmaticMom Robert Bell juandoming JackieGerstein Ed.D. Mark Oehlert
100 Of The Best Twitter Tools For Teachers By Category  ❘   Shared by Bebette DeVera, Ryan Gallwitz and 4 others
09/25/2012, TeachThought Staff , Leave a comment In 2009, we shared  our favorite tools for teachers on Twitter , with 100 resources for managing feeds, finding followers, and tackling classroom groups on the social media site. Since then, many...
Bebette DeVera Ryan Gallwitz Susan M. Bearden John Sparks Ella Bowling Doug Peterson
Learnable Programming  ❘   Shared by Phil Dawson, Brian Sharland and 1 other
A programming system has two parts. The environment is installed in on the computer, and the language is installed in the programmer's head. The design of the language is just as critical to the programmer's way of thinking as the design of the...
Phil Dawson Brian Sharland Tim O'Reilly
10 Tips to Successfully Raise a Bilingual Child at Besos  ❘   Shared by Root-1, Inc and DrieCulturen
As a child of "two worlds," you can almost say I had it easy when it came to bilingualism. It's not likeI tried hard to learn Spanish and English. I just did. My mother, my sister and I moved to El Salvador from Houston when I was six years old. My...
Root-1, Inc DrieCulturen
Technology's Role In Education: A Primer  ❘   Shared by Gerhard Bless and Edudemic
Education technology is growing at a breakneck pace . It seems like every new school year occurs coincides with the release of some revolutionary gadget or bit of software that could enact real change upon the students and teachers of the world....
Gerhard Bless Edudemic
Elsevier partners with edX to provide free versions of textbooks to MOOC students  ❘   Shared by George Station and Scorebusters
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George Station Scorebusters
Studies Find Payoff in 'Personalizing' Algebra  ❘   Shared by Braintrack and Kerry Clery
By Sarah D. Sparks Pittsburgh While "personalization" has become a buzzword in education, it can be hard to determine what really makes a subject relevant to individual children in the classroom. An ongoing series of studies at Southern Methodist...
Braintrack Kerry Clery
11 Reasons Teachers Should Make Their Own Videos  ❘   Shared by Steve Wheeler and John Goldsmith
Digital literacy : Both students and educators alike benefit from building their digital literacy skills, regardless of whether or not they hope to share their videos online. With a working knowledge of computers, the Internet, and peripherals — not...
Steve Wheeler John Goldsmith
NFL, referees' union agree to end lockout  ❘   Shared by Breaking News and Brian Stearns
The NFL reached an agreement with the NFL Referees Association late Wednesday to end the referee lockout, according to a league source. Earlier Wednesday, the league and referees agreed to create a developmental program as a compromise to the NFL's...
Breaking News Brian Stearns
50 Top Sources Of Free eLearning Courses  ❘   Shared by Valeriy Davydov and Doug Peterson
09/26/2012, Terry Heick , Leave a comment Whether you are looking for a master's degree program, computer science classes, a K-12 curriculum, or GED study program, this list gives you a look at 50 websites that promise education for free. From...
Valeriy Davydov Doug Peterson
A Leader Who Needed a Pause Button  ❘   Shared by Michael Berry and Sam Fancera
Simon Leung had just completed a role-play in my office when he told me "I need to learn how to pause." We'd improvised a real conversation he needed to have with a talented staff member who recently had been turning up late from lunch during a...
Michael Berry Sam Fancera
Facebook's MySpace Moment: Why Twitter Is Already Bigger Than Facebook  ❘   Shared by S. Kelley and Hussainatu Blake
Facebook might have just hit its MySpace moment in coolness, passed on the way up by Twitter. As coolness goes, so goes, users, revenues and profits.
S. Kelley Hussainatu Blake
You don't fatten a pig by weighing it  ❘   Shared by UK Education Matters and eylanezekiel
Eylan Ezekiel 26 September 2012 The political consensus around education is wrong – anyone outside Westminster knows this. Parents, employers, colleges and universities know it. Certainly the young people and teachers in our schools know it. We...
UK Education Matters eylanezekiel
Facebook Integrates With Dropbox To Power File-Sharing Within Facebook Groups  ❘   Shared by José Picardo and FEED THE TEACHER
Facebook announced today a new integration with personal file storage company Dropbox. Now, people can share files to Facebook Groups using Dropbox's cloud-based storage system. Dropbox's Chris Varenhorst writes in a blog post announcing the...
Learning with 'e's: A convenient untruth  ❘   Shared by Helene O'Shea and Peter Blenkinsop
Helene O'Shea Peter Blenkinsop
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