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11 Reasons Teachers Should Make Their Own Videos, 50 Top Sources Of Free eLearning Courses, Literacy Worth InvestingIn, Learnable Programming, 5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make With iPads (And How To Correct Them), Phonics reading check and Key Stage 1 results published, Does being connected help in beingrecognized?, #TES chat with Anthony Horowitz 27 September, A startup's guide to social media ROI, A True History of the MOOC ~ Stephen's Web, 100 Of The Best Twitter Tools For Teachers By Category, 5 Tech-Friendly Lessons to Encourage Higher-Order Thinking, Impact x, Studying Imagination in Children's Play, NYU Professor: Are Student Loans Immoral?
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11 Reasons Teachers Should Make Their Own Videos  ❘   Shared by Mark Williams, isteconnects and 3 others
Digital literacy : Both students and educators alike benefit from building their digital literacy skills, regardless of whether or not they hope to share their videos online. With a working knowledge of computers, the Internet, and peripherals — not...
Mark Williams isteconnects Kevin Tame Steve Wheeler John Goldsmith
50 Top Sources Of Free eLearning Courses  ❘   Shared by neilhopkin, Mark Williams and 2 others
09/26/2012, Terry Heick , Leave a comment Whether you are looking for a master's degree program, computer science classes, a K-12 curriculum, or GED study program, this list gives you a look at 50 websites that promise education for free. From...
neilhopkin Mark Williams Valeriy Davydov Doug Peterson
Literacy Worth Investing In  ❘   Shared by Holly Boardman, Kyle Pace and 2 others
Posted: September 26, 2012 | Author: Kyle Pace | | Cross-posted at SmartBlog on Education Learning isn't analog any more When I think of analog learning, I think of something static. I think of content that doesn't change and is quickly...
Holly Boardman Kyle Pace Steven W. Anderson Tony Baldasaro
Learnable Programming  ❘   Shared by Karl Royle, Phil Dawson and 2 others
A programming system has two parts. The environment is installed in on the computer, and the language is installed in the programmer's head. The design of the language is just as critical to the programmer's way of thinking as the design of the...
Karl Royle Phil Dawson Brian Sharland Tim O'Reilly
5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make With iPads (And How To Correct Them)  ❘   Shared by Shayne Swift, John Goldsmith and 1 other
Over the last few years K-12 schools and districts across the country have been investing heavily in iPads for classroom use . EdTechTeacher has been leading iPad professional development at many of these schools and we've seen firsthand how they...
Shayne Swift John Goldsmith Edudemic
Phonics reading check and Key Stage 1 results published  ❘   Shared by joanna grace, UK Education Matters and 1 other
National, regional and local authority results for the Year 1 phonics reading check and Key Stage 1 results are published today. The results for the phonics reading check show that 58 per cent of six-year-olds reached the expected standard (32 out...
joanna grace UK Education Matters DfE
Does being connected help in being recognized?  ❘   Shared by dakinane, Tom Whitby and 1 other
Follow "My Island View"
dakinane Tom Whitby Ryan Gallwitz
#TES chat with Anthony Horowitz 27 September  ❘   Shared by The tes and Pooky Hesmondhalgh
Video webchat with Anthony Horowitz - 27 September Anthony Horowitz is the man behind the hugely successful series of Alex Rider novels. He is about to publish the final in his critically acclaimed Power of Five sequence, Oblivion, and he'll be...
The tes Pooky Hesmondhalgh
A startup's guide to social media ROI  ❘   Shared by Greta Shelly and Shelly S Terrell
When starting a business , it's vital that every business owner focus on the term "return on investment." ROI is the ratio of the amount of money earned based on the cost of an initiative, and it helps gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns,...
Greta Shelly Shelly S Terrell
A True History of the MOOC ~ Stephen's Web  ❘   Shared by Mark Smithers and Downes
[ All Presentations ] A True History of the MOOC September 27, 2012 Panel presentation delivered to Future of Education, Online, via Blackboard Collaborate. A one-hour live and interactive webinar hosted by Steve Hargadon...
Mark Smithers Downes
100 Of The Best Twitter Tools For Teachers By Category  ❘   Shared by AcademicPub and Bebette DeVera
09/25/2012, TeachThought Staff , Leave a comment In 2009, we shared  our favorite tools for teachers on Twitter , with 100 resources for managing feeds, finding followers, and tackling classroom groups on the social media site. Since then, many...
AcademicPub Bebette DeVera
5 Tech-Friendly Lessons to Encourage Higher-Order Thinking  ❘   Shared by Cheryl Davis and edutopia
Cheryl Davis edutopia
Impact x  ❘   Shared by CiscoEDU and
The Emerging Phenomenon of Community Knowledge Centers in Africa (VIDEO) Corporate Affairs Manager, Cisco Systems In today's world access to digital information is must be a basic human right and is a necessity for economic viability. Unfortunately,...
Studying Imagination in Children's Play  ❘   Shared by Tom Whitford and Fran Simon
Tom Whitford Fran Simon
NYU Professor: Are Student Loans Immoral?  ❘   Shared by Scorebusters and Wildnfree
by Andrew Ross Sep 27, 2012 4:45 AM EDT Millions of grads are saddled with unpayable student loans, yet colleges still say they're a sound investment. NYU professor Andrew Ross asks if it's time to stop repaying the loans. Straight talk about the...
Scorebusters Wildnfree
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