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An Open Letter to AnnCoulter, obsolescence of knowledge, return to real teaching, 10 EdTech Inventions You Probably Dont Know Yet, How Successful Virtual Teams Collaborate, Cool Cat Teacher Blog: 10 Ways to Listen More. Talk Less. Teach Well., 25 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Twitter, 5 School Technologies To Watch: Personalized Learning Is Here, ISTE 2013, A teachers' show and tell: professional learning unplugged, Response: Using 'Brain-Based Learning' in the Classroom, When Collaboration DoesntWork, Why Privatization Won't Solve the Student Loan Crisis, Talk of the Tyne, #TESchat Lord Robert Winston, Personal 3-D Printer Sales Jump 35,000% Since 2007
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An Open Letter to Ann Coulter  ❘   Shared by Tomaz Lasic, Brianna Sims and 5 others
The following is a guest post in the form of an open letter from Special Olympics athlete and global messenger John Franklin Stephens to Ann Coulter after this tweet during last night's Presidential debate. Dear Ann Coulter, Come on Ms. Coulter,...
Tomaz Lasic Brianna Sims Daniel Pink Peg Gillard Deborah Bright rachelala Cheryl Hunt
obsolescence of knowledge, return to real teaching  ❘   Shared by Carlynne Hamman, Mario Addesa and 4 others
Leading entrepreneurs and thought leaders provide a look at the future of education in a short documentary from Ericsson. It discusses how technology is changing the way students learn as well as what it means to learn and teach in a connected era.
Carlynne Hamman Mario Addesa Daniel Edwards Derek James Richards Cheryl Hunt Brent Anderson
10 EdTech Inventions You Probably Don’t Know Yet  ❘   Shared by eSpark, John Sparks, MBA and 3 others
Educational technology has infiltrated the mainstream: To support teacher involvement in collaborative networking and online learning environments, the Department of Education launched Connected Educator Month in August 2012. The many possibilities...
eSpark John Sparks, MBA Derek James Richards Cheryl Hunt darynsimon
How Successful Virtual Teams Collaborate  ❘   Shared by Steven W. Anderson, Rich Kiker and 2 others
I have worked on many teams in which we dutifully did our jobs, and the group fulfilled its objectives. And then I have worked on other teams in which everyone energetically collaborated with one another, and the results were spectacular. Not only...
Steven W. Anderson Rich Kiker Carol Ferries Samara Kaufman
Cool Cat Teacher Blog: 10 Ways to Listen More. Talk Less. Teach Well.  ❘   Shared by eve, Cristy Vogel and 2 others
"Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you'd have preferred to talk." Doug Larson So often, people don't hear what you say because they're too busy formulating their own response. Let's focus on listening, especially to our...
eve Cristy Vogel  Simfin Vicki Davis
25 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Twitter  ❘   Shared by Neetu Dhaliwal, Carol Ferries and 2 others
Twitter may very well be the single most important tool for teachers right now. Considering many are not even using the service, that says a lot about how effective the platform is for learning, engaging, development, and more. In an effort to make...
Neetu Dhaliwal Carol Ferries Mike Loitz Miss B
5 School Technologies To Watch: Personalized Learning Is Here  ❘   Shared by CyberWise, Tom Murray and 2 others
Guest post written by Jeremy Friedman Jeremy Friedman is founder and CEO of Schoology, a provider of classroom management software. Jeremy Friedman The past few years have seen a steady influx of new investment, new companies and new opportunities in education technology. From technologies that live inside the classroom to technologies that inspire [...]
CyberWise Tom Murray We Inspire Futures Steven Knight
ISTE 2013  ❘   Shared by Cristy Vogel, Scott Newcomb and 1 other
Dr. Yong Zhao Keynote speaker at ISTE 2012 ISTE keynote speakers address our conference audience on a wide range of topics that touch and influence educators. From Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to classroom teachers and award-winning photojournalists,...
Cristy Vogel Scott Newcomb isteconnects
A teachers' show and tell: professional learning unplugged  ❘   Shared by Simon Crook, Summer Howarth and 1 other
Teachers are taking their own steps to learn more about their profession through social media networks. Flickr/Corey Leopold It's been a long time since I have been in a pub at 10.30am but that's where you would have found me last Saturday at the...
Simon Crook Summer Howarth Teachers@ PPTA
Response: Using 'Brain-Based Learning' in the Classroom  ❘   Shared by Larry Ferlazzo, Mario Addesa and 1 other
(This is the first of a multi-part series on "brain-based learning") Last week's question was: What are the best ways to practically implement what we know about how the brain learns into our teaching? I've seen the phrase "brain-based learning"...
Larry Ferlazzo Mario Addesa Derek James Richards
When Collaboration Doesn't Work  ❘   Shared by Deb Mills-Scofield and Lolly Daskal
Stop bowing at the altar of collaboration. It's usually better to work with others – to collaborate. But, collaboration isn't always useful or necessary. Collaboration can be cumbersome, ineffective, or detrimental. Sometimes, having someone work...
Deb Mills-Scofield Lolly Daskal
Why Privatization Won't Solve the Student Loan Crisis  ❘   Shared by Scorebusters and Braintrack
What separates Democrats and Republicans on the matter of the student debt crisis is a chicken or egg debate about low-cost, lightly credit-underwritten government financing and grant-giving, and the unsustainably high tuition prices charged by the schools.
Scorebusters Braintrack
Talk of the Tyne  ❘   Shared by Geoff Barton and Victoria Richley
This one's for teachers of A-level English Language or simple enthusiasts of the quirky richness of spoken English. Today I was flattered to be the keynote speaker at Cramlington Learning Village's staff conference. I travelled by train to Newcastle...
Geoff Barton Victoria Richley
#TESchat Lord Robert Winston  ❘   Shared by tes Primary and tes Science
Video webchat - Lord Robert Winston - Thursday 25 October, 1.40pm Join us live from Middlesbrough College as we chat to Professor Winston about his work as a professor, a medical doctor, a scientist, a television presenter, an author and a...
tes Primary tes Science
Personal 3-D Printer Sales Jump 35,000% Since 2007  ❘   Shared by Chad McGowan and Brian Lockwood 
Sales of 3-D printers for personal use have exploded since 2007, mimicking the personal-computing revolution of the 1990s, as the market expands from industrial- grade systems costing as much as $1 million.
Chad McGowan Brian Lockwood 
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