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25 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Twitter, Teachers 'to blame' for lack of ambition among pupils, Guest Post, Teacher training tests toughened, Five Unique Origami Quilts to Support Tsunami Relief, 4 takeaways for educators and entrepreneurs, 12 Crucial Questions to Ask before Using iPad with your Students, Kleinspiration: Save, Share, and Organize each Lesson and Classroom Activity with @TeamClaco, Study Examines Impact Principals Have On Student Achievement, 5 School Technologies To Watch: Personalized Learning Is Here, How The iPad Is Being Used For Mobile Learning, Four Scary Good Ed Tech Sites, Londons Twitter Languages, Trauma Tips and PTSD Resources, GETIdeas and EdSurge Present Global Technology-Driven Innovation
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25 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Twitter  ❘   Shared by John Gunnell, Kevin C. O'Rourke and 6 others
Twitter may very well be the single most important tool for teachers right now. Considering many are not even using the service, that says a lot about how effective the platform is for learning, engaging, development, and more. In an effort to make...
John Gunnell Kevin C. O'Rourke Phil Dawson Robert Breyer Neetu Dhaliwal Carol Ferries Mike Loitz Miss B
Teachers 'to blame' for lack of ambition among pupils  ❘   Shared by Rob Anthony, Daniel Edwards and 2 others
Mr Laws, a Liberal Democrat and close ally of Nick Clegg, has ministerial posts at the Department for Education and the Cabinet Office and holds the right to attend Cabinet meetings. The Lib Dems are pushing measures to increase social mobility,...
Rob Anthony Daniel Edwards Claire Lotriet Geoff Barton
Guest Post  ❘   Shared by Greg Reynolds, Will Richardson and 2 others
Author Will Richardson suggests three ways to rethink teaching and learning at a time when technology has "upended the basic premise of school."
Greg Reynolds Will Richardson Kristin Ziemke Thoughtful Learning
Teacher training tests toughened  ❘   Shared by A Teacher, Claire Lotriet and 1 other
Entry tests for people wanting to become teachers will be more rigorous to raise the quality and standing of the profession, the government says. Teacher trainees in England face tougher tests in English, mathematics and reasoning from next...
A Teacher Claire Lotriet davegarland
Five Unique "Origami" Quilts to Support Tsunami Relief  ❘   Shared by PositivePeopleCoach, Second Life Spanish and 1 other
Every $1 is one chance to win! Donate with a North American Credit Card     Donate with International Credit Card Every individual donation given to NPO CRASH Japan from October 15th until the end of November, 2012 will be entered to win this...
PositivePeopleCoach Second Life Spanish Yangbo Du
4 takeaways for educators and entrepreneurs  ❘   Shared by Milton Ramirez, Suraj Srinivas and 1 other
As part of an open online course on entrepreneurship in education, Union Square Ventures managing partner Fred Wilson talks about the role of venture capital, potential business models in ed tech and a few areas that are most ripe for innovation.
Milton Ramirez Suraj Srinivas Derek James Richards
12 Crucial Questions to Ask before Using iPad with your Students  ❘   Shared by Peggy Drolet, Mario Addesa and 1 other
Peggy Drolet Mario Addesa Derek James Richards
Kleinspiration: Save, Share, and Organize each Lesson and Classroom Activity with @TeamClaco  ❘   Shared by Vicki Davis, Angela Maiers and 1 other
Vicki Davis Angela Maiers Joan Young
Study Examines Impact Principals Have On Student Achievement  ❘   Shared by Eric Sheninger and Todd Clerkson
It's indisputable that great teachers lead to successful students, as the presidential candidates have touted, but what about students' connection to their school principals? A study published in Education Next has found that the effect of highly effective principals on student achievement is equivalent to 2-7 months of additional learning each school year, while ineffective principals negatively impact student achievement by a comparable amount.
Eric Sheninger Todd Clerkson
5 School Technologies To Watch: Personalized Learning Is Here  ❘   Shared by Pora Ora Ed and itslearning
Guest post written by Jeremy Friedman Jeremy Friedman is founder and CEO of Schoology, a provider of classroom management software. Jeremy Friedman The past few years have seen a steady influx of new investment, new companies and new opportunities in education technology. From technologies that live inside the classroom to technologies that inspire [...]
Pora Ora Ed itslearning
How The iPad Is Being Used For Mobile Learning  ❘   Shared by Derek James Richards and John Lustig
If you've ever wondered about just how powerful the iPad is or what you can actually get out of an online school … this one's for you. A new infographic details how and why you can get a college degree (or at least worthwhile education) right on your...
Derek James Richards John Lustig
Four Scary Good Ed Tech Sites  ❘   Shared by Erin Klein and Steven Felix Scott
I spent some time trying to come up with a really scary post for Halloween, but I decided I would stay positive instead and share some scary good sites on educational technology. Get it? Scary? Anyway, here are four tried and true sites I always turn...
Erin Klein Steven Felix Scott
London's Twitter Languages  ❘   Shared by Helen S T and speakingimage
Last year Eric Fischer produced a great map (see end of post) visualising the language communities of Twitter. The map, perhaps unsurprisingly, closely matches the geographic extents of the world's major linguistic groups. On seeing these broad...
Helen S T speakingimage
Trauma Tips and PTSD Resources  ❘   Shared by Melanie Greenberg and Irene Becker
This Q & A comes from Jillian who asked for techniques that she can practice NOW to deal with symptoms of trauma that she experienced as a child. Because she describes her situation with the words "trauma" and "terror," I think she may be...
Melanie Greenberg Irene Becker
GETIdeas and EdSurge Present Global Technology-Driven Innovation  ❘   Shared by and Lucy Gray
© 2012   Created by Lucy Gray . Lucy Gray
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