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Dughall McCormick, Stephen Fahey and others share top stories

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How Texting Is Changing Your Grammar, 5 Educational Videos you should not Miss, Awareness, attitudes and participation of teaching staff towards the open content movement in one university, Dilbert comic strip for 10/21/2012 from the official Dilbert comic strips archive., Its Official: Using Twitter Makes Students More Engaged, Why arent more business leaders online?, 'Gender Gap' Near Historic Highs, Paid Task App Gigwalk Raises $6M From August Capital, Greylock; Expands Deal WithMicrosoft, Over 1.5m have second addresses, Cycling: Big reveal of Cancer Jesus, Brazil's Newspapers Samba Away From Google, High-Speed Video Clips from 2012 NLCS, LIVE: Sportsday, 100 Twitter Tips For Teachers, Soy un rector de la crisis, mi funcin es que la universidad sobreviva
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How Texting Is Changing Your Grammar
edudemic.com  ❘   Shared by Milton Ramirez, Edudemic and 1 other
From OMG to LOL, there's no denying that texting has changed the way we communicate with each other. Look no further than the fact that you don't need clarification of what OMG or LOL means as proof that our written communication is evolving ....
Milton Ramirez Edudemic John Sparks, MBA
5 Educational Videos you should not Miss
educatorstechnology.com  ❘   Shared by Mario Addesa and Pora Ora Ed
Mario Addesa Pora Ora Ed
Awareness, attitudes and participation of teaching staff towards the open content movement in one university
researchinlearningtechnology.net  ❘   Shared by Helen Keegan and Matt Lingard
This research investigates the current awareness of, and participation in, the open content movement at one UK institution for higher education. The open content movement and the open educational resources can be seen as potential methods for...
Helen Keegan Matt Lingard
Dilbert comic strip for 10/21/2012 from the official Dilbert comic strips archive.
dilbert.com  ❘   Shared by Stephen Fahey and PietroBlu Giandonato
Stephen Fahey PietroBlu Giandonato
It’s Official: Using Twitter Makes Students More Engaged
edudemic.com  ❘   Shared by Robert Breyer and Lee Dunn
Further affirming what you probably already know, Twitter is evidently one of the best tools for learning and becoming an engaged student. We've covered the benefits of the social network ad nauseum for teachers and administrators over the past few...
Robert Breyer Lee Dunn
Why aren’t more business leaders online?
linkedin.com  ❘   Shared by Chris Follows
Anyone who thinks new technology isn't going to keep changing the world has got their head in the sand. We are seeing progress every day online, and businesses are doing their level best
Chris Follows
'Gender Gap' Near Historic Highs
fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com  ❘   Shared by Holly Boardman
The biggest gender gap to date in the exit polls came in 2000, when Al Gore won by 11 points among women, but George W. Bush won by 9 points among men - a 20-point difference. The numbers this year look very close to that.
Holly Boardman
Paid Task App Gigwalk Raises $6M From August Capital, Greylock; Expands Deal With Microsoft
techcrunch.com  ❘   Shared by Technology Geek
Gigwalk, a mobile app that allows users to get assigned basic "gigs" or jobs from companies via their location, has raised $6 Million in Series A venture funding from August Capital with existing investors Greylock, Harrison Metal, SoftTech VC,...
Technology Geek
Over 1.5m have second addresses
bbc.co.uk  ❘   Shared by GeoBlogs
Just over 1.57 million people living in England and Wales have a second address in another local authority, the Census 2011 has shown. Cornwall was the local authority area where the greatest number of people recorded a second address. Almost...
Cycling: Big reveal of Cancer Jesus
independent.ie  ❘   Shared by Robert Drummond
The truth has finally caught up with Lance Armstrong , writes Paul Kimmage Four years ago, at approximately 2:15 on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 5 2008, Pete Sampras was sitting in a lounge of the Sherwood Lake club in southern California....
Robert Drummond
Brazil's Newspapers Samba Away From Google
fastcompany.com  ❘   Shared by Chris Luzader
Newspapers in Brazil have uncoupled themselves from Google News, claiming that their presence on the search engine is preventing their online operations from growing. It's a pre-emptive strike on the firm, involving all 154 members of the Associacao Nacional de Journais - that's 90 per cent of the country's circulation of dailies.Google's attitude is that it channels a billion clicks to news sites worldwide and so should be exempt from paying for content. The sites will still, however, be available on Google's main site - suggesting that the move is more bark than bite.
Chris Luzader
High-Speed Video Clips from 2012 NLCS
webusers.npl.illinois.edu  ❘   Shared by Peter Fasano
High-Speed Video Clips from the 2012 NLCS This page contains clips of high-speed video from the 2012 NLCS. Fox Sports is using a 5000 frames/sec camera . The super-slo-mo nature of the images often reveals some interesting physics that is invisible...
Peter Fasano
LIVE: Sportsday
bbc.co.uk  ❘   Shared by BBC News (UK)
BBC © 2012 The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read more. This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current...
BBC News (UK)
100 Twitter Tips For Teachers
teachthought.com  ❘   Shared by Dughall McCormick
10/21/2012, Terry Heick , Leave a comment Twitter may have started off as a fun social media site for keeping up with friends and sharing updates about daily life, but it's become much more than that for many users over the past few years as the...
Dughall McCormick
"Soy un rector de la crisis, mi función es que la universidad sobreviva"
ccaa.elpais.com  ❘   Shared by eraser juⒶnjo * ✘ ★
Durante casi un mes, José Carrillo (París, 1952) ha recorrido las facultades de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) para explicar a alumnos y personal que la situación es grave, que están al borde del abismo por los recortes. En esas...
eraser juⒶnjo * ✘ ★
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