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Honest, Clear Vision, How Education Technology Is Like Betamax, YouTube Announces The Next 10 Gurus Of Education, The City that Never Sleeps, Facebook Reaffirms Its Commitment To Stop Cyber Bullying With New Activist Page, Partnership With The AdCouncil, The Impact of Great Teachers, 5 quickservice restaurants that are doing Facebook right, Lets Figure This Out, Feedback, feed-forward, peer-assessment and project-basedlearning, Books Change How a Child's Brain Grows | Wired Science, The Learning Genome Project, Joichi Ito: Innovating by the Seat of Our Pants, Does a parents education and income affect how a childs brain develops?, National Geographic Events, Low Income Students' Test Scores Leap 30% With Smartphone Use
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Honest, Clear Vision  ❘   Shared by Ms. L. Hall, Angela Maiers and 1 other
cc licensed ( BY SD ) flickr photo shared by Nomadic Lass Leadership 2.0 has already had some amazing contributions from presenters and participants alike, but I was particularly struck by Chris Smeaton's talk last night.  He has said many of the...
Ms. L. Hall Angela Maiers Patrick Larkin
How Education Technology Is Like Betamax  ❘   Shared by Miguel Angel Perez A, Edudemic and 1 other
The following post is written by Beth Holland & Shawn McCusker from EdTechTeacher. Be sure to sign up for one of the last remaining spots at their iPad Summit! Are you a Betamax? Now that we are all excited about integrating iPads into the...
Miguel Angel Perez A Edudemic Catalina Valenzuela
YouTube Announces The Next 10 Gurus Of Education  ❘   Shared by Albin Wallace, Cathy Brophy and 1 other
After more than 1,000 entries, YouTube has chosen the next 10 Gurus of Education. The search started last month when YouTube teamed up with Khan Academy to find a few folks who could generate useful content and resources for the YouTube EDU channels...
Albin Wallace Cathy Brophy welearnmore
The City that Never Sleeps  ❘   Shared by Martijn van Duffelen and Thomas Marzano
The City that Never Sleeps You have probably seen many pictures of New York City, but this photographic series by Alfonso Zubiaga has a different twist to it. The photographer has used a blur effect that makes the images look animated. Photos ©...
Martijn van Duffelen Thomas Marzano
Facebook Reaffirms Its Commitment To Stop Cyber Bullying With New Activist Page, Partnership With The Ad Council  ❘   Shared by Edudemic and TechCrunch
Facebook just launched a new page in the Family Safety Center to help raise awareness during Bullying Prevention Month. It helps users navigate through different partners and all the specific actions that can be taken to prevent bullying, like how to...
Edudemic TechCrunch
The Impact of Great Teachers  ❘   Shared by Jake Steinmetz and Keywords English
10/18/2012 by sam in Infographics with 0 Comments Great teachers will impact on a child's future and memories forever. Once children reach their school age, they spend more time with their teachers than their parents. This infographic from  Teacher...
Jake Steinmetz Keywords English
5 quickservice restaurants that are doing Facebook right  ❘   Shared by Greta Shelly and Shelly S Terrell
It's easy to include Facebook in your marketing plan. The hard part is making it work for your business. You want your Facebook page to be engaging, informative and entertaining. You want your customers to be talking to and about your page. So who's...
Greta Shelly Shelly S Terrell
Let’s Figure This Out  ❘   Shared by Tom Whitford and George Couros
Leave a Reply
Tom Whitford George Couros
Feedback, feed-forward, peer-assessment and project-based learning  ❘   Shared by David Terron and David Walker
Post navigation Posted on October 17, 2012 by biancah80 Last year when I began my Masters of Ed, my lecturer told me that I should read about 'feedback'. She encouraged me to look at the work of Black and Wiliam ( Inside the Black Box being their...
David Terron David Walker
Books Change How a Child's Brain Grows | Wired Science  ❘   Shared by Geoff Barton and Sam Fancera
Books and educational toys can make a child smarter, but they also influence how the brain grows, according to new research presented here on Sunday at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience. The findings point to a "sensitive period" early in life during which the developing brain is strongly influenced by environmental factors.
Geoff Barton Sam Fancera
The Learning Genome Project  ❘   Shared by Tom Boito and Neil
To make personalized learning a reality for EVERY child.  Children are inherently diverse.  Each child carries within them a story, a host of unparalleled gifts, talents and interests.  Each has something unparalleled to offer the world.  This...
Tom Boito Neil
Joichi Ito: Innovating by the Seat of Our Pants  ❘   Shared by eraser juⒶnjo * ✘ ★ and Alec Couros
Almost 20 years ago, I installed on my computer a tiny piece of software called MacPPP, which connected the programs running on it to the Internet. The program immediately transformed my computer from a fancy telex machine to a device running a very...
eraser juⒶnjo * ✘ ★  Alec Couros
Does a parent's education and income affect how a child's brain develops?  ❘   Shared by GlasgowTweacher and briankotts
Among the studies showing correlations between a child's early home environment and later brain development that were presented this week at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscientists, one stood out as particularly startling. It was the...
GlasgowTweacher briankotts
National Geographic Events  ❘   Shared by CanGeo Education and GeoBlogs
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CanGeo Education GeoBlogs
Low Income Students' Test Scores Leap 30% With Smartphone Use  ❘   Shared by Knowledge Platform and A.J. Ripin
Qualcomm's Wireless Reach Initiative aims to conquer the digital divide between those who can afford wireless internet access and those who can't.
Knowledge Platform A.J. Ripin
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